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5 Signs he's not Relationship Material

Updated on March 5, 2016

1. He's disrespectful to his mother.

How a man treats his mother is a good indicator on how he will treat you. If he is rude and disrespectful to her, chances are he is going to treat you the same way.

2. He doesn't take accountability for his own actions.

When bad things happen to him, is he constantly blaming others? When you’ve talked to him about previous relationships has a similar phrase as “all my ex’s are crazy” come out of his mouth? This might be an indicator that he does not hold himself accountable. Most reasonable people can look back on a situation and see how some of their own actions may have contributed to its failure. Can you imagine yourself in a relationship with someone who refuses to admit when he’s wrong? Or even worse, can’t see that he is wrong and blames you for the problems in the relationship? Not worth it, in the end you will just be another “crazy ex-girlfriend” notch on his belt.

3. He can't hold down a job.

I’m not referring to a person who was laid off or was temporarily down on his luck. If a man is either consistently getting fired or changing jobs every few months he’s probably not going to be a source of stability in your life.

4. He gets pushy or mad if you deny him sex.

This one you may or may not find out until later on in your courtship, but if he doesn’t respect your boundaries, then he doesn’t respect you. Without getting into a huge lecture on feminism and your rights over your own body, the only time in life you should be engaging in intercourse is when your attitude towards it is “hell yeah, I would love to be doing that right now” not “well, I don’t want him to get upset, so I will just do it.” Anyone who even remotely makes you feel pressured, is not the guy for you.

5. He's rude to the waiter for no reason.

This doesn’t go for just men, this is all people in general. If you are someone who does this, you are just a bully.


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    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 17 months ago

      I believe a lot of it comes down to our age and station in life at the time.

      When you're young oftentimes you're really not looking for "Mr. Right" but more or less "Mr. Right Now". Settling down isn't your primary focus.

      Your primary focus may still be on getting a degree or establishing a career and so on. Lots of people date or have booty calls and "casual relationships" with people they wouldn't ever consider "marriage material".

      However when it comes to "relationship material" I guess it really comes down to what kind of relationship you want. If's he just a "booty call" odds are a woman could care less about his relationship with his mother.

      Nevertheless if a woman only dates for the purpose of hoping to find her future husband or "soul-mate" then she is likely to have a stricter criteria.

      The question to be answered is: Are you dating for FUN or for LOVE?

      One man's opinion!:)