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5 Simple Ways To Avoid Being Cheated On

Updated on October 11, 2014

Why do people cheat on their partners?

Cheating has become so rampant in the world today, such that people no longer feel ashamed or guilty when they cheat on their partners, causing many to develop phobia for commitment. But then, being scared of going into a relationship or intentionally avoiding dating isn't the solution, instead, one needs to find a way of avoiding being cheated on when in a relationship, and some of the tricks that will help you avoid being cheated on will be unveiled in this article, so adjust your reading glasses and read on.

Before you can avoid being cheated on, you must first understand some of the major reasons why people cheat on their partners as a way of protecting yourself from falling victim to a cheating partner. The question now is- why do people cheat on their on partners?

People cheat on their partners for different reasons- lack of attention, boredom, financial reasons, poor sex, distance, loss of attraction or just for the adventure that comes with it.

How to avoid being cheated on by your partner

Now, if you want to avoid being cheated on by your partner, then you must strive to feel the necessary voids that gives room for cheating as outlined above.

Don't allow your relationship to get boring: humans generally hate boredom and can do anything just to stay lively and happy; and to some people, the best way to drive away boredom is to hang out with the opposites sex, so make sure you are there for your partner, and not just being there, keeping him or her happy and lively. That way, you will reduce the possibilities of being cheated on as a result of boredom.

Sex is vital: even though sex is not love and love is not sex, we can't divorce the fact that good and timely intimacy helps nourish a relationship. And with the way the world is going today, I bet you that anyone who isn't getting enough good sex as they desire in their relationship will most likely look elsewhere for a makeup. So to avoid being cheated on, make sure the sex is good and timely.

Don't be a burden: no one likes something that's a burden on them, so don't let your partner see you as a burden, else, it might lead to cheating.

Be adventurous: who doesn't love adventure? I am sure nobody! Who doesn't like an adventurous person? I am sure nobody too. So to avoid being cheated on, try and be adventurous in your relationship or marriage.

Remember, if you aren't adventurous in your relationship, boredom will set in to occupy the void, and that will expose your partner to cheating on you.

Keep the attraction: most people cheat on their partner as a result of dead attraction. If your partner isn't attracted to you, there is nothing else you can do to keep them away from cheating on you. In order words, if you want to keep your partner away from cheating on you, you must strive to keep the attraction level between you two as high as possible.

One good thing about attraction is this- if attraction between you and your partner is high, believe me, many other things will fall into place naturally, and even when there seems to be some challenges, it is more easier to fix than when the attraction is dead and gone!

Now, the question is- how do you keep your partner attracted to you even after several dates and encounter? That's a topic for another day, so watch out.

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