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5 Steps to Improve your Dating Experience

Updated on April 5, 2012

No one ever said that dating was not going to be work. There are times that you wish there was a giant rule book that allowed you to know exactly what to say next. There really was never a rule book for dating even though sometimes it seems as there should be one.

There are no rules to dating, but there are some basic tips which you can use to help you have a more enjoyable dating experience.

#1: Listen to Your Heart.

Human intuition is one of the things nature gave us to do a couple of different things. One it lets us know when we are in danger or is something does not feel right. It also lets us know when things are right and when we are safe. So, it is always a good idea to use your intuition while dating. This goes for the way people are communicating with you if you meet someone online, at a bar, or anywhere else and they seem negative to you. That is your intuition giving you the signal that you are uncomfortable, and you should leave the situation. If, he opposite happens and they are making you smile and feel welcome then it’s probably telling you this person might be ok. So, as you get to know people pay attention to your intuition and notice how you are when you are comfortable and happy.

#2: Watch out for Red Flags.

Just like your intuition is there to warn you of danger or being uncomfortable. You also have alarms in your mind that go off as red flags. The problem is when we are out meeting new people we always want to give the benefit of the doubt to everybody. This causes problems for our internal red flag system because it ends up getting muted or ignored if it goes off. Once that happens we end up in the wrong relationship, and it makes people end up being left hurt in the end. So pay close attention to these flags and listen to them. If, you have a date and they cannot stop talking about a previous girlfriend then its probably because they still love them or have deep feelings to still work out. They are not ready for the same type of relationship that you are. It’s always a good idea to analyze these red flags and use your common sense when you are doing so. They can tell you a lot by just listening.

#3: Actions Speak Louder Than Your Words.

Always pay attention to the body language on our date or the person that you meet. They may be telling you one thing while there body is doing another. This could be in the reflection of the way they are looking at other people. How they treat you compared to your servers. You can weed out those whose actions do not match their words and save a lot of time dating the wrong person. So, this is another way to get the most out of your experience because you are not chasing an incorrect person.

#4: Don't Play Dating Games.

There are games being played all around us at any given point of the day. You have to stick up for what you believe in and not get involved in those games. All it does is help you become a victim of being hurt. So, when guys or girls come around and say one thing and then do another it’s probably a game. Being open and honest about the intentions of another person may hurt them at first because they will feel rejected. But, it prevents you and them of getting really hurt in the long run. So, always be honest with yourself and expect that the ones that you want to date are open and honest with you.

#5: Know When to Say "Game Over."

Know when to say enough is enough. Do not put yourself through more heart ache when you know it is just not going to work. This will just end up hurting you and the other person more in the long run. This also goes for those that give you red flags pay attention to them, and if they come up to much then its game over, and time to go on and find someone else. This goes for those that want to be players if you spot them, run! It’s not worth playing their games. If, someone is not being honest with you then maybe they are not ready, and it is again time to say enough and move on.

There are no hard rules and these are things that a lot of people mistakes for common sense, but I see many who ignore the 5 top tips here and end up getting hurt because they are with the wrong person. So, listen carefully and hang on every word to know what that person is really going to be like and cut down on the wasted dates. In the end, you will find a lot more happiness and inclusion with the partner you do find.


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