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6 Things Men Shouldn't Say To Women

Updated on January 26, 2011

We all know that men often stick their foot in it when talking to a woman. Most of the time, this happens by accident. At least, I would hope it does. Obviously, there are plenty of things one should not say to a woman, particularly if you're romantically involved with her, but men often fail to realize that several seemingly innocent remarks can really tick a woman off. Especially if it happens to be true! (What, are you surprised to hear that we actually realize that some of this stuff is true? Of course we do. That doesn't mean we want to hear it from you, though!)

The following 6 phrases should always be avoided -- whether you are dating her, or not.

You look tired.

Unless you're saying this at 0300 in the morning as we prepare to drift off to sleep, this is not going to go over well. You may think that all you're doing is remarking on droopy eyelids and a semi-stifled yawn, but that's not what we hear. Oh, no. We hear something more along the lines of, "You look like arse, and I can't imagine ever finding you attractive again." Of course, the interpretation will vary, depending on how neurotic your woman is.

You're overreacting.

Few things tick a woman off faster than hearing this one. No matter what the scenario, she does not want to hear this from you. It's bad enough we have to deal with knowing that most of you just pretend to give a toss when we're upset about something -- but to actually have to hear you say this? Oh, no, you didn't!

Is that what you're wearing?

This is one of the stupidest things a man can ask. Your woman walks downstairs in a short skirt and heels, hair done up, lipstick looking fab, and you ask her if that is what she's wearing? No. She thought she'd fake you out and then run back and change into the burlap bag she'd been meaning to wear all along. Of course that is what she is wearing. Not that she'll be wearing it much longer, as you've probably ticked her off to the point she doesn't want to go anywhere now.

Are you PMSing?

Whether she is or she isn't, this is not the question a sane man asks a female. And you'd better hope she isn't, cos, if she is, she's going to be that much more annoyed by the reminder. Say this one only when you're sure your boys are well out of knee's reach.

Your friend is hot.

I'm sure even the most clueless of men knows this is the wrong thing to say to a woman he's involved with, but this is also the wrong thing to say to most women you are not involved with. Why? Because it often translates into, "Wow, you're friend is so hot -- and you are so not.". Unless the woman you're saying it to is your sister, I recommend not using this one.

You and your mother could be sisters.

Gawd, what a bad thing to say. I don't care if her mother was a supermodel in the 70s -- no one wants to hear that they look just like someone 20 or more years older than them. If your girl is in her early 20s, she may think it's cute or funny. If she is in her 30s and preoccupied with newly discovered bits of gray hair -- you are not going to stir any warm and fuzzy feelings with this one!


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