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5 Things You Should Not Say to Your Uber or Lyft Driver

Updated on January 28, 2018
Photo by Alexander Torrenegra
Photo by Alexander Torrenegra | Source

Every one knows that people must be at their best behavior when out in public. It is just common sense that one is on a bus or train, people must have mutual respect towards each other. So, it is no different when using a ride share service.

With this being stated, people should know that there are a few things that must be avoided when talking to a driver who is providing a ride share service. The following will provide the top five things that should not be said to a ride share driver. These five things should be avoided because it driver Uber and Lyft drivers up the ying yang!

I. Do no tell the driver to hurry up

No matter what, do not tell the driver that you are in a hurry or to hurry up! First of all, the driver is not going to break the law for you or anybody else that gets into his or her car.

Many people that are running late to their job or a date, tend to tell the driver to hurry up. Guess what? This will make your driver fume inside. Refrain from saying anything of that sort, because the driver, no matter what, will drive at safe speeds and stay on the best course to your destination.

Do not even say tell to "hurry up" when you are using the pool or line feature. Pool and line are for customers that are willing to share the car for a cheaper fare. So, if you are using one of these features from either Uber or Lyft, please, do not ever say to "hurry up." This will really drive your driver crazy, and you might get a bad rating as a customer.

It is obvious that pool and line will longer to get to your destination since the car will be used to pick up other people. These other people, might have to be driven to their respective destination before you get to yours.

II. If using pool or line option, do not tell driver to be dropped off first

Do not ever ask the driver to be dropped off first when pooling in a ride share unless you are already destined to be first. Some people have the nerve to select pool or line to only ask if they can be dropped off first. Even, if you accidentally asked for pool or line, suck it up and wait for your turn. Otherwise, cancel the ride right then and there, and order yourself another car without the sharing option.

Seriously, when a rider asks to be dropped off first in a pool ride before his or her turn, it will get every one else in the car in a super-bad mood. The driver is going to turn around with a big fake smile and tell you to wait for your turn.

Even if it does happen for you, once you get dropped of first as rudely requested, everyone in there will tell the driver to give your ass a bad rating. So, please refrain yourself from thinking you are above every one else.

III. Do not tell them about giving a five star rating if they do not comply

Some people have the nerve to tell their driver to comply to a certain command or they will not get a five star rating. In other words, some riders will say to get them to their destiny on time or they will not give a five star rating.

See, these riders try to come off as polite by saying, "If you get me there in fifteen minutes, you will get a five star rating from me!" These kind of statements are usually followed with a smile that is supposed to be convincing. Well, no!

If you are using this strategy to get your driver to drive faster, then you are the one that is going to get a bad rating. Also, that strategy is somewhat threatening. Do not put any ride share driver in that position. It is heinous and rude. Stop it if you are saying such things to Uber or Lyft drivers.

IV. Do not say anything in a commanding voice

Please refrain yourself from being very commanding. There are riders out there that think their driver is their personal butler. For instance, some riders will tell their driver to turn off the radio. The manner in which it is done is very important.

This is common sense, but some people seem to lack that when they are paying for a service. Commands like, "Turn off the radio", "Put it on the news", "Turn the channel to 105.9" can be felt as very rude. Instead be polite and try to use the word "please" or "Can you...". Get it!

V. Do not tell your driver to turn your music up when it is already loud

One thing that you must remember as a rider is that you are not in your car. Also, just because you are paying for a ride does not mean you are entitled to be royalty. It's like paying for a room. If you break something, you pay for it. So, asking to turn up your music really loud, could cause the speaker to blow out.

Uber and Lyft drivers depend on their cars to pay the bills. So, keeping their cars in good shape is money. This includes the sound system. So, playing music at extreme levels could cause speaker life to dwindle of simple blow out. Plus, it is annoying as hell listening to music at excessive levels. Do not, ask you driver to play your music super loud, period!


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