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5 Thoughts To Get You Through Unemployment

Updated on July 3, 2015

We all have this time in our lives, that for whatever the reason, you suddenly find yourself unemployed. Whether a sudden retrenchment, and accident or just about any reason under the sun- It can be a most unsettling feeling. One moment you’re arriving at the office every morning to your usual comforting cup of coffee and trading mildly sarcastic banter with the office smart aleck, the next moment you’re flat on your back, staring at the ceiling in your bedroom, asking yourself how on earth you are going to get up and get back on your feet.

You Are Not Your Job

Perhaps we owe this thought to the fact that we have been conditioned all our lives to chase the dream of a qualification and a high-flying corporate position. Now let me state at the outset that there is not absolutely nothing wrong with this dream, if it is what you want. On the other hand where we do end up going wrong in our thinking is when we imagine that the title that we sign off on our e-mail signature is the sum total and estimation of value of who we are as human beings. Yes, ‘marketing executive’ or ‘chief of staff’ sounds and looks impressive on a door plate, but the sum total of skills and who you are reaches far beyond that. Emotions, empathy, habits, discipline, being thoughtful, all of that counts pretty high up in being the fibre of who you are. At the end of the day, it is about the number of lives that you touch that counts.

What Are Your Greatest Talents and Abilities?

Now that we have come to the conclusion that you are not your job, it is time for a bit of introspection. With all the time that you have on your hands, consider what it is that you are skilled at. You may have been sitting at your day-job for years, wistfully imagining the times when you could have channelled your energies toward that book you wanted to write or those murals that you wanted to paint. Now that an entire chunk of your life has opened up- the question that remains- what stops you from taking those steps?

Something Does Come up Eventually

As the hands of time turn, as they all eventually do, you will find that the white-knuckling stress that you found yourself having two months ago will eventually begin to subside. Feelings of worthlessness and inadequacy that may be tied into your lack of job, eventually will relax and you may find yourself using your energy and resources to take positive action, but also to surrender. It is usually precisely at this moment, while you’re still plugged into your life, but not enslaved to outcomes that you will find that odd phone call or e-mail that brings you out of a sad state of mind and into a newer and more beautiful reality that you never knew existed. When all else fails and the answer isn’t apparent, try throwing a chunk of time at things, you will be amazed at the results.

If you are battling with feelings of stress related to unemployment, please have a look at this video.

Dealing with Stress When Unemployed

It's Still a Life. Get up and Show Up

The temptation may be great to wallow in your bed, eating cereal, watching movies and trying to numb the pain of not knowing what to do next. Yes at first it starts off innocently enough. You tell yourself that you deserve this break, given that you spent the last couple of years working your tail off and flogging deadlines. However before you know it, your self-relaxation notions are replaced with complete sloth-like behaviour complete rising only close on midday, eating junk food, staring into space and becoming a night-owl on a regular basis. Yes, you may not be contractually required to get up and be in an office at a particular time, delivering documents to deadline, but the fact remains this is still your life. Take pride in having neat surrounds, wash that hair and for heaven’s sake- go out!

Don't Allow Your Mind to Fall into Decay

Naturally when a catastrophe of these proportions comes about, the first thing that you do is resort to is reaching out to your friends and contacts to let them know exactly what you are going through. At first there may be nothing wrong with doing so, because a problem shared is a problem halved. However, as with everything in life there is a limit to what you call sharing. The more you dwell on something the deeper into trouble you end up getting on a mental and emotional scale. It is critical that you are able to identify the difference between sharing and dwelling permanently in a state of negativity. Don’t let it drag you down.

On a final note, take a look at these top tips on how to remain stress-free and in a calm space before it gets too much to handle.


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