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5 Tips for a Better Marriage!

Updated on October 12, 2010

I thought it over and here are some great tips for married couples to help keep their marriage alive and more of a pleasure then a pain!

· Have sex everyday at least once a day!

Okay, so the women may not like this but the men will! Heck! The women should like it too! A big part of marriage is sex. It’s a way of expressing love without words, it creates life, and it feels great! (Or at least it should!) When women withhold sex from their husbands it makes them feel unwanted, unattractive and neglected. Which is an open door to “Cheatville”! I understand if you have kids it may be rough but it’s worth taking the time out of the day. Not to mention it’s a great way to burn calories!

· Make the Bedroom you and your spouse’s sanctuary!

The bedroom should be for the husband and wife to have sex and sleep and that’s about it! Keep it private and clean. Don’t have a TV in the bedroom or let it get cluttered. It should be your favorite room in the house! Don’t fight or argue in that room; don’t invite others in that room, and goes as far as making it a kid free zone. If you have children that are old enough to be left alone in the other room, explain to them that mommy and daddy have a time where they need to be together and alone in the bedroom. Get a lock for the door to make sure they don’t see what’s going on. If you and your spouse are arguing, never retreat to the bedroom. Solve the issue before bedtime and if that is not possible, both the husband AND wife should sleep in another area. You both will have a horrible night of sleep but hey, you will fight less and learn to solve arguments faster!

· Remember the little things!

We all know women love complements, small gifts and romantic jesters but so do men! All men should know by now what to do to make their special lady feel good but a lot of women have no idea what to do for their guy! Here are a few things to try…

Cook his favorite meal, rub his shoulders after a long day at work, drop the kids off at grandma’s and plan a evening where he can just relax, leave him alone (yes that sounds harsh but sometimes men need an hour or two to shut their brains off and relax!), next time your shopping pick up his favorite beer or if he smokes a bag of the green stuff (lol), run a bath for him, surprise him with a unpredictable love affair (NO don’t cheat on him! By love affair I mean do something you haven’t done sexually in awhile or something you’ve never done before. If he’s an open guy, surprise him in the car with a job but do it discretely and not while driving PLEASE!) You get the idea!

· Let each other speak without interrupting!

We are all guilty of it and it’s an easy way to start a fight, trust me, I KNOW! I interrupt way too much! (lol) This all falls in with communication which is no secret to any relationship!

· Remember the three keys; Love, Trust, and Communication!

Every day, tell your husband or wife you love them, show them you love them, and make sure they know it! Trust is not something that is just given; you must maintain it on a daily basis! Don’t keep anything from you spouse even if it’s something stupid. If someone hit on you at work, let your wife or husband know! It’s better than them finding this out from someone else and then assuming because you didn’t tell them in the first place, something must be going on! And of course, COMMUNICATION! We are all taught this when we first learn how to speak. Even the nicest words can sound mean and being speechless implies you don’t care! Just remember; never assume anything until you hear what happened from your husband or wife! That will save you 100 fights a year, possibly even more! Assuming only makes ass’ out of you both!

----With all that said, I hope this helps people out. Marriage is a very important relationship to maintain!

How many times do you believe it is vital for a married couple to have sex?

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    • ii3rittles profile image

      ii3rittles 4 years ago

      Thanks Hariom! & I agree! :)

    • Hariom Singhal profile image

      Hariom 4 years ago from INDIA (Haryana) SAMPLA

      I will read your all hub. Your all hub are full of knowledge.

      Have sex everyday at least once a day!

      A good idea.Sex is most important thing of life.It is equally important for husband and wife.

    • ii3rittles profile image

      ii3rittles 5 years ago

      Thanks Lovelovemeloveme!

    • Lovelovemeloveme profile image

      Lovelovemeloveme 5 years ago from Cindee's Land

      good pointers! people who are in happy relationships statistically live longer. =) happiness does = health

    • profile image

      julie 5 years ago

      I am so sorry for doubting you. I should have know, you possess true powers when you accepted my case. I am now a believer of what you do and that there are powers we normal humans can not understand. All thanks to for bringing my husband back to me!


    • ii3rittles profile image

      ii3rittles 6 years ago

      Haha thanks LVidoni5... I'm sure most men would agree with your statement. LOL

    • LVidoni5 profile image

      Brian Loewer 6 years ago from Portland, Oregon

      Haha I love this... I hope I find a woman that wants to follow these tips!