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5 Tips on How to Make Guys Addicted to You - Twirl Him Around Your Fingers Now!

Updated on November 17, 2009

We all love to be a bit of a headache sometimes --- especially to get our way. Of course, there are other safer ways to get what we want. But what happens when if it involves guys? When things are getting a bit too much for us to handle, it's best to get to know a few tricks to make it all happen. There's no need to get all paranoid and pressured about it all. Remember, when it comes to men, you don't have to stress yourself too much. Below are the top five tips on how to make guys addicted to you --- know how to twirl him around your fingers now!

Learn how to play a little hard-to-get. We all love to play this little game and it can be fun too. You have to remember that men love a little challenge especially if it involves women that's why try not to be too easy to get --- they love it when you pose as a challenge.

Don't be too nervous and have confidence. Hot women are harder to get than the less hotter girls. Just because you don't see yourself as someone drop dead gorgeous or has a great body to boot doesn't mean you have to settle for second best. Make sure that you let him realize that you're of high quality and you're not just any other girl he can lure over through a few cheap pick-up lines.

Show sense of humor and make him laugh. It pays for a girl to know how to make a guy laugh --- so you're smart and all that but having a killer wit and having a great sense of humor is a very sexy and appealing trait. A guy wants to hangout with someone fun and spontaneous so do that and he's all yours in an instant.

Don't be a whiner. You hate your body, you worry about the weather, you need to be on a diet, you hate slow-moving waiters, you can't help but check your appearance on everything that has your reflection on it and you're whining about this new dress that you don't particularly like the color --- the last thing a guy needs is someone to baby sit so act a little independent, girl!

Tease his imagination. Be mysterious --- nothing peaks a guy's imagination better if you know how to leave him hanging and make him guess every once in a while. Know how to tease his imagination and don't be too available 24/7 --- make him find out more about you himself.

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      XxCutieBootyxX 6 years ago

      It's hard to do if your a teenager and you have a crush but find someone's appearance you like and try to look like them without losing your own flair. Also it helps if you have his number and can text him. Girls seem to open up more when your texting bcause of the fact that your not with him and cant get butterflies. This makes you braver and will make him really think about what your saying. Just my advice.