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5 Traits of People That Can't Be Trusted

Updated on December 23, 2017

If there is only one factor that influences a Friendship or any kind of relationship, then it has to be TRUST. Life could already be hard enough, but having someone around you that is not trustworthy makes life more difficult.

Everywhere you turn today, you find folks who smile in front of you and then stab you at the back. You would agree that it is easier to live around people who make it clear to you that they do not like you. The dangerous ones are those that pretend to like only when you are around.

You must be able to differentiate between people who are real and those that are not. Because you will end up seriously heartbroken if you believe that everyone smiling at you and saying "Yes Sir/Ma" to you actually likes you.

Here are 6 kinds of people you should expunge from your circle of influence starting from today.

You will end up seriously heartbroken if you believe that everyone smiling at you and saying "Yes Sir/Ma" to you actually likes you.

  • Those who are Inconsistent

Someone who cannot stick to his/her Words cannot be trusted. A person who makes and breaks promises too often is likely to be dishonest and unworthy of trust because they would over time learn how to create false excuses for their inconsistency.

  • The Gossipers

Someone who talks bad about others in their absence will most definitely talk bad about you in your absence. By the way, everything starts from what we think and SAY. If they can talk bad about you, they can plot your downfall as well.

  • Those Who never accept Responsibilities

They blame everyone and everything for their inabilities. It is easy to identify these kinds of people because apart from blaming others for their faults, they also remain unapologetic.

  • Those Who are not Accountable

These are the set of people that like playing their cards close to their chest. They are always poke nosing into other people's affair but they never let others know of their next move of action even if it will benefit a common goal.

  • Those Who can't keep Secrets

These kind of people cannot be trusted with personal information. They are not necessarily bad people, but your secrets are never safe with them. A person who talks too much would share private things about you with the wrong person before they know it.

There are several other traits that would help you identity a person who is not to be trusted, but those are the traits that can readily be overlooked.

© 2017 David Olubodun

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    • dredcuan profile image

      Dred Cuan 

      9 months ago from California

      It is really hard to trust people nowadays, even they're already your close family members or friends. Each one of us can still trust somebody, however, we need to at least not give 100% of our trust. At least if they ended up screwing the relationship we have to them, we can handle when we've decided to stay away from them.

    • Olubodun David profile imageAUTHOR

      David Olubodun 

      15 months ago from Nigeria

      Thanks Darshing Scorpio

      Immature people:

      1) Do things without thinking of potential consequences.

      2) Trust others too quickly and hence expect to be trusted without learning to build trust.

      Those are the two major points your comment explains to us.

      I also like it when you said "The purpose of the MIND is to protect the HEART".

    • dashingscorpio profile image


      15 months ago

      Those who are immature.

      Anyone who has not determined who (they) are or does not have "realistic expectations" is likely to be {reactionary} when things do not go as they expect. These people do things without thinking about potential consequences.

      On the flip side of things immature people also tend to trust other people too quickly. They don't understand that trust much like respect should be (earned) over time.

      Instead of allowing others to demonstrate honesty and trustworthiness over time they adopt the philosophy of: "I'll trust anyone until they prove me wrong."

      Never separate your mind from your heart when making relationship decisions. The purpose of the mind is to protect the heart.

      Each of us (chooses) our own friends, lovers, and spouse.

      Choose wisely!

    • profile image

      Omobolade Yusuff 

      15 months ago

      Well done Dave

    • Olubodun David profile imageAUTHOR

      David Olubodun 

      15 months ago from Nigeria

      Yes, Adebola.

      That slides into the first point.

      Anyone who fails to fulfil his promise where timeliness is concerned cannot be trusted.

      Many of us are guilty of this.

    • profile image

      Adeniji Funmilayo 

      15 months ago

      Really nice

    • Halima Adebola Fo profile image

      Fowosire Halima Adebola 

      15 months ago from Osogbo, Nigeria

      Good article. I will also love to add; Those who cannot keep to time. A person who can't keep to time and is always late for appointments cannot be trusted. S/he will dissapoint you when needed for very important things


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