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5 Ways to Make Friends in College

Updated on November 13, 2015

College years are one of the most exciting times of your life, but how exciting can it be without friends? It's not. Whether you are shy or new, you do not want to spend your college life wondering how to make friends. That's why I give you 5 ways to make friends in college.

1. Join an organization

It may sound nerve wrecking, but joining a club is not as bad as it sounds. Not only will you meet new people, you will also find that people are just as new as you. Remember, you are not the only one who is new around, and everyone else is just as nervous as you. So go out and join a club.

2. Mingle

Whether you live in a dorm or not. Mingle. Get to know your neighbors, if you are commuting then go to a social they may be having at college and mingle with others there. Trust me, you will not be the only one trying to make new friends.

3. Online networking

I am all about networking, and with facebook, myspace, twitter, and all the other networks around, there is no possible way you can skip this step. I had a friend who would friend request people who used to share his major on Facebook, and in return he ended up meeting them in person. So if nothing else works, friend request them and then meet up with them.

4. Part-time job on campus

Having a part-time job on campus can help you meet new people and have new friends. Whether you are working in the bookstore or the testing center, you are bound to make new friends having a job that serves students.

5. Say Hi

Where ever you are on campus, always say hi. I remember making friends by simply greeting them. One of them became my closest friend after we found out that we carried many of the same classes. Remember, you will not know everyone in your class, but if you greet people around campus or outside your class, most likely you will make friends.

How do you make friends in college?

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