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5 Best Low Budget Romantic Dates

Updated on June 6, 2011

Spending more quality time together doesn't have to cost.

Spending some quality time together with your partner is essential to have a nice positive and healthy relationship with someone you love. If you just sit in the house all day or don't allocate a date night you will start to lose what you once loved and just become two people cohabiting, spending too much time at work or looking after kids.

But you cannot always go out and eat at fancy restaurant, take expensive trips and weekends away all the time. Not everyone is made of money and sometimes I am stuck in the house and thinking it would be nice to go out and do something (anything to escape reality TV).

So here is my top 5 best low budget dates for you to take away and have a go yourself.

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Cool love image. | Source

Walk on the Beach or Countryside

The best days for a walk on the beach are the ones where you have to wrap up warm. The wind is blowing and its a bit chilly, yet the sun is shinning. Ah, these are the best. After a stroll along the beach you can find somewhere nice to sit and relax. There is nothing like the sound of crashing waves. Perfect opportunity to talk and keep each other warm.

If you don't live near the seaside take a trip to the country. I'm sure you can easily find some woodland walk to do. Take the dog, throw a couple of sticks, make each other laugh and roll in the leaves. The British country side is a beautiful place. Find somewhere high up and take a while to appreciate the view.

Picnics and Sledging

Warms summers day or cold winters day with snow covered hills? Who cares! If the weather is nice get some of those disposable BBQ's and make some home made burgers, they taste amazing and you can setup your BBQ anyway that is in the sun.

If its a snowy day, get a Thermos flask, fill it full of hot coco of steaming coffee, pick up your sledge and head for the hills. Just being out doors and getting the blood flowing with a little exercise will put you in a good mood. Plus someone is bount to fall off and you can have a good laugh at them, no matter how old you are!

Camping and Kayaking

This is one of my favourites! Go to your nearest camping shop and grab yourself a map or guide to some lakes near where you live, throw a change of clothes and a tent in your car and just go. Travel guides are great! They have little maps in them that tell you the best walks and things to see, most importantly they tell you where the nearest pub is, you cannot beat a country pub for some good homely food.

The next morning wake up early and do some water sports before you return home. If you don't like kayaking there is plenty more you can do, fish and swimming to name a few. Being in a little two man tent for the night with a loved one can be quite steamy, the perfect thing to keep the flame going. So go on, be a little bit more adventurous.

Fruit Picking and Baking

I have never done this before, but I know I would love to and I am sure it would make for a fantastic date. There is plenty of places that your can go and pick your own fruit, strawberries being the most popular. Just have a Google for "pick your own fruit" and you will get allot of results.

What you don't eat in the car on the way home you can make into jams, pies and puddings. I love the smell of some delicious treats baking in the oven. I can think of a few things to do while the pie is cooking too *wink wink* Oh just don't let it burn.

Movie and Home Made Pizzas

The timeless classic. Rent a movie. Get yourself online and buy a movie or go out to your nearest video store and get a movie you have both been wanting to see for a while or a friend has recommended to you. While your there go to the supermarket and pick up some ingredents for making a pizza!

You can buy ready made pizza base mix that you just add water to, kneed and roll out. Quick and easy! Then cover with your favourite toppings. To make your pizza extra tasty use some sun-dried tomato pesto in your tomato base, it tastes amazing!

What's your favourite date suggestion?

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Well I hope you enjoyed this hub. Please leave me a comment and check out my other hubs.


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    • Zoidian profile image

      Zoidian 7 years ago from Newcastel upon Tyne, England

      Thanks drmingle, glad you liked it.

    • drmingle profile image

      drmingle 7 years ago from United States

      Speaking for the marrieds - this is a very useful page...

      Good write up.