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5 Easy Tips to Help Any Relationship Flourish

Updated on July 26, 2018

Being in a committed relationship can be difficult for some more than for others. However, every couple out there has encountered at one point one problem which may have led to a fight. At times we think we know what to do in any given situation, but there are some small tips that can have a significant impact on your relationship and how healthy it is. Feel free to read more and find out the five places where making a change will benefit the both of you in the long run



Yes, you have heard this before but what you do not know is that the issue of communication is more important than you may think. It has to be done right, and there are ways to ensure that it is done right. So, what should you look out for and try to consider when it comes to communicating with your partner?

  • Listen

This seems redundant but most of us try to listen but we never honestly do it the right way. Have you ever listened to a friend or even your significant one telling you a story about what they did that day and found yourself starting to doze off and think about something else?

If you have that is a sign that you were not listening the whole time. While it is sometimes understandable, make sure that you actively listen to what your partner says. He or she can quickly tell if you are not paying attention and it can be hurtful since it shows that what they are saying to you is insignificant.

Ask them questions as the story progresses, try to understand what their thought process was and even go as far as imagining how the situation must have played out. These are all small tips that will make you more invested in the discussion and help you in the long run. It will also make your partner feel loved and appreciated since you care to hear what he or she has to say on a specific topic.

This does not mean that you have to agree with them consistently, you can still speak up and say what you think on the situation or what you would have done in his or her place. What matters is that you hear them and they see that you are there for them as well!

  • No social media

Have you ever tried to excuse your lack of interest by reaching for your phone and going on Instagram? Has this ever been done to you? If it has, then you know that it shows they are not willing to listen to you and it can be incredibly hurtful. Think how your partner would feel if he or she saw you do that. Put down your phone and pay attention, social media can wait.

  • Trust them

One or both partners not trusting the other is a ploy so old that it has been immortalized in so many works of art that it cannot be counted. However, this is an example of toxic behavior. Jealousy is an emotion that should not be disregarded, that much is true.

However, do not go and immediately stop trusting your partner. Talk to them about your feelings and try to resolve this issue together. Being truthful about how you feel is so important in a relationship, be it a new or a long-term one.

  • Learn what they like

This goes back to what I said about actively listening to them. Find out what they want, what they loved about their childhood, pleasant memories, things that they hate, their favorite movie, favorite color, what they think about specific topics. It is always exciting, at least from my experience, to talk to someone and find out his or her views on life.

And trying to do that with your partner is primordial since it sets the foundation for a stable relationship down the line. No old couple lived for decades without knowing what the other enjoyed and hated and you can only learn that by talking to them.

  • Ask them about their emotions

Don’t just go for the “How was your day?” line, it gets boring after a while and repetitive. Be funny, ask them how they felt, if they were upset during the day, if they got angry or if they felt some other type of way. Maybe your partner was very anxious at work. Asking them about their day usually implies that they would automatically say they were fine. Asking them about their feelings opens a way bigger possible conversation, and it allows both of you to speak your mind freely.


Find Activities That You Both Like

In the beginning, new couples may find that they can enjoy any activity just by being in each other’s presence. However, with time, you may find yourself hating going with your significant other to their favorite band's concert since you hate that genre. This is a silly example, but it perfectly describes what I am trying to say. Going with the “I will like it as long as you do” line does not last in the long run and the novelty of the gesture tends to wear off quickly if you can’t find anything that you both like to do.

Sit down and have a conversation about what you want to do, what you would both like to do. It can include trips to certain vacation resorts, museums that you want to see, hikes you want to go on, countries you want to see, and other topics. It is all up to you to find your middle ground.



This should go on without saying but if you made a mistake or said something hurtful, make sure to apologize. Words can hurt us more than we think, even if they were told out of anger. Try to avoid getting angry and insulting your partner altogether. If there is ever an issue between the two of you, stepping back and giving yourself time to cool down before you say anything you might regret is the best option.

If you did something wrong (not during a fight) and either you or your partner has made you aware that what you have done hurt them then apologize and try to fix the damage that has been done. Showing that you can apologize and admit that you were wrong shows that you care about your significant other and you are willing to make things work.


Have Your Own Space

If you are in love, you may want to be near your lover constantly, enjoying their presence. However a healthy relationship is based on two people that care about each other, and that can find the time to go out with their friends, enjoy going to various activities on their own and indulging in hobbies that they love. Make time for your significant other but make time for yourself as well, allowing both of you to have a healthy life next to your relationship.


Understand You Cannot Change Them

It can be pretty standard to see someone say they are going to date someone else since they like them and they know they can change them. If the person you are in a relationship with, or the person you want to get in a relationship with has some habits that you cannot stand then be open about your emotions and try to go and fix them if they can be fixed by talking with them and working together. Moreover, learn that you can never change someone if they do not want to be changed.

It may seem normal to think like this, but a lot of people live their lives with the hope and faith that their love will be able to change their significant other. This will never happen. If the thing that you have a problem with is something that your partner cannot fix or does not want to try and fix it then you are not obligated to stay and make them. In a situation like this, knowing when to let go is healthier than staying there and trying to fix things.


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