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Best Date Ideas for Anniversary in 2020

Updated on August 9, 2020
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William loves exploring ways to increase the intimacy of relationships!

Best Date Ideas for Anniversary

Best Date Ideas for Anniversary 1 to 35

Hope everyone is doing well today! I wanted to write a list of date ideas that could fit any budget. It will be a list that is on going!

If you are struggling to find a date to take out, this site has personally helped a lot of my friends find the one.

1. Make a movie together by finding odd props around the house. Then you can even come up with a funny scenario to act out. Post it on YouTube for something to look back at and laugh together.

2. Drive somewhere one of you (or both of you) has memories. This is a great way to get to know each other, and it also allows you to create your own great memories.

3. Go on a train or trolley ride together. Not many people realize how relaxing these can be. They also give you plenty of time to talk and get comfortable around each other.

4. Dance together in the rain. People take for granted how beautiful the rain can really be. I have always enjoyed the rain. Sometimes I even run in it.

5. Take a roll of coins to a fountain in. Throw them in and make wishes out loud together. It is a great way to realize what you both really want. Don't hesitate!

6. Make life lists together. This is another great way to find out what you both really want in life. There really is no better way to find out what you want.

7. Go on tour of a new place neither of you has ever been. Change can be a great thing.

8. Walk the beach and talk until the sun goes down. You can even add a romantic picnic to this. (on the beach, of course)

9. Write letters together to put in airtight bottles. Then throw them in the ocean, or tie them to balloons to fly off into the sunset.

10. Contrary to popular belief, movies can also make for great first dates. They allow you time to get comfortable around each other without feeling the need to start a conversation. Then afterwards you could go out.

11. Coffee dates can be comforting, and a good place to talk.

12. If you must go out to a restaurant, make it one with a great view!

13. Amusement parks are a great way to set the tone to an exciting date.

14. Park picnics can always be fun. Especially at night with some wine.

15. If you know your date loves a band coming to town, why not try a live concert?

16. A walk through the zoo for the animal lovers out there. (I hope that is everyone...)

17. Boat rides if you have a boat!

18. Bowling has always been a great time in my opinion.

19. Street fairs and carnivals can be fun too. Just don't expect them to be cheap!

20. I personally love karaoke bars. Even if you don't think you can sing, just get up there!! People will admire your courage alone.

21. Clubbing can be a great time as well, even if you can't dance. Just have fun!

22. If you enjoy sports, watch a game together. You can even grill a nice meal too. Maybe drink a few beers.

23. Arcade games can be great fun as well. Especially at amusement parks or the boardwalk.

24. Stand up shows or comedy clubs are great humor. Why not make it a date?

25. It's easy to find one hour classes such as baking, pottery, etc. That could be a great date as well.

26. A short nature walk followed by a picnic or cloud gazing.

Note: If you are ready for something big this anniversary in combination with your perfect date, get 15% off rings at Zales.

27. Museums

28. Wine tasting

29. You can't go wrong with the beach!

30. Why not take your date to the aquarium?

31. Farm trips are also very eye opening experiences.

32. Taking your date fishing can be a good time too. Especially if you cook the fish later for dinner. Make sure you pay attention to your date more than the fish though.

33. Cooking a meal for your date is a good idea. Just make sure you know what you are doing. And don't be a show-off.

34. I've always loved a game of pool or a game of cards to set the tone.

35. Historical sites can be a great opportunity for a date. Take a tour!

Best Date Ideas for Anniversary 2020

Check this out for a date!

Date Ideas for Anniversary 2020


Best Date Ideas for Anniversary 36 to 70

36. Not many people I know have gone on hot air balloon rides. I know I'd love to try one. How about you and your date?!

37. If you both want to get your fortunes, why not go to a fortune teller together?

38. For the book lovers: Book stores, cafes, or libraries can be enjoyable dates.

39. If it doesn't break the bank, rent a chopper or a limo together.

40. Ice-skating is always a great way to break the routine, and experience something new.

41. Rifle ranges can get the excitement level up. Anybody could enjoy this, trust me.

42. Get away to a different state. You'll be happy you did.

43. Decorate your place like a foreign country if you cannot afford to go there right now. For example, a night in Paris could be your theme.

44. Fun @ Holiday Inn... Rent a room. It is a great way to change up the scenery. Plus, bed & breakfast is always a plus.

45. Make and fly kites together !

46. Go on a treasure hunt together. (try geocaching, it is a gps-based treasure hunt)

47. Volunteer together!

48. Meteor showers are great too. This may take more preplanning than usual though.

49. Dance lessons. This is a great way to surprise your date.

50. Go to a playground together! You could make this a picnic as well.

51. A photography filled afternoon! This gives you great memories to look back on too

52. Check out the local flea markets or antique shops.

53. Go to a haunted house!

54. Go to a baseball or football game together. (or whatever sport you both like)

55. Go on a historical town tour!

56. Play Monopoly, or a board game. The loser buys the drinks.

57. Go to a classic car show together.

58. Plan a camping trip. This can be an extended date.

59. Test drive new cars together.

60. Go to a local spa together, or get massages.

61. Go on a bird watching date.

62. Check out the farmer's market together.

63. Go para-sailing or scuba diving together.

64. Check out your local golf course. Maybe you'll decide to play 18 holes.

65. Go to your local art gallery.

66. Tour local college campuses. Maybe one of you will get the urge to go back to school.

67. Build a sandcastle or snowman together.

68. Go to the batting cages.

69. Wash your cars together.

70. Go to the gym together.

And a bonus that I love: Take a unplanned ride to nowhere!

A few tips for dating:

Ask in advance!

Never rush anything!

Keep your cell phone on silent, and don't check it unless you go to the rest room. I find this to be so rude. I don't care if it is for work. A date is a date, everything else should be second to your date.

Engage your date. Don't look around at other men or women. Actually look like you care about what is going on. I mean you do right?

Be a gentlemen.

Avoid boring conversations. For example, "What do you want to do?" "I don't know..." Yeah that leads to nowhere, and it shows you didn't plan very well. Nobody like a man who hesitates.

Keep In Touch!

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