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5 tips for a Happy Honeymoon

Updated on March 9, 2012

Honeymoon is the most anticipated part of any couple waiting for marriage! Unfortunately, including mine, many honeymoons do not turn out as dreamed. Here are a few tips for a beautiful honeymoon!

1. Choose the right destination

Based on your interest, the correct place should be chosen as honeymoon destination. Consider your partner's interests also in deciding the right location. The less crowded the place the better it is for you to have the well needed privacy! Beaches, hill-stations, wildlife sanctuaries, adventure spots are a few genres to consider.

2. Plan well in advance

It is better to plan your travel, place of stay etc well in advance so that you do not end up tensed at the last moment. With all the arrangements for marriage, it is better you decide and book the tickets and hotels appropriately so that all you need is to just pack and go! Also, ensure your honeymoon is immediately after your marriage! Do not postpone it, not longer than 15-20 days after marriage!

3. Short is sweet

Do not plan for a long honeymoon. It has been observed in statistics that couples tend to get into arguments more in their honeymoon if left with nothing to do! Plan a destination that has a lot of places to visit and lots of activities to do, and decide on the number of days based on that. Longer honeymoons leave you with memories of boredom than the enjoyment

4. Food is important

Vegetarians, please ensure you choose a destination that has vegetarian food to offer you. Food is very important to keep you in a lively mood. Without food to your stomach, your moods get dampened naturally! Non-vegetarians - beware of allergic food. the last thing you would want is to fall sick in your honeymoon!

5. Avoid any fights and arguments

Even if some argument kicks off between you and your better half, overcome those with your love and enjoy every moment of your honeymoon - after all its going to be your best memory for the rest of your life! It is time for sweet nothings and not any hot topic.

Getting married is all about understanding each other and having a companion for the rest of your life. Honeymoon is the right place to start a wonderful journey in your life!


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