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Why men cheat so much

Updated on August 30, 2013


If I can help prevent 1 man from cheating, I'm not happy! If i can help prevent 100 men from cheating, I'm still not happy! CHEATING IS WRONG. I know this to be true, for I am a man who has discovered cheating. I can't say i made the mistake of cheating, saying i made the mistake of cheating would be saying i would do it again, so I say I discovered it because i know i will never do it again! Cheating causes shame, blame, uncertainty, and most importantly PAIN! As a man, i will never live down the shame,blame,uncertainty,judgement,and pain i have caused to those who care for me and for myself. Although i have been forgiven i will never forgive myself! As a man with short comings i feel it is my duty to give 3 UNJUSTIFIABLE reasons why i think men cheat.

SEX : You knew it was coming, But you didn't know it isn't the most important thing to a man. I believe in a mans brain, love is measured by sex. Sex makes a man feel masculine,secure,wanted...and LOVED. He wants to feel like the best lover you have ever had,He feels insecure when sex is treated as a chore! You have to remember he is a man, he wants it how he wants it, but to him he thinks his way is beautiful and he wants you to enjoy it.

MONEY: Men do not want a relationship that revolves around money! I will admit, most men are not the smartest when it comes to finances,but then again they dont want to hear that all the time. He wants to provide for you, but he never wants to feel financially controlled.

Alpha male: This is very important! Men have to feel like the dominate male,the alpha male,the king of the jungle. Men love to hear their woman tell them how they feel safe,secure.loved, when they are with them. It makes a man feel so good to hear that. This matters more than sex and money, if he doesn't feel like this he will more than likely stray. In his eyes: HE TARZAN YOU JANE!

the next time you see your man, give him a big hug and tell him how safe and secure he makes you feel and then whisper in his ear 'beacuse you are my alpha male' and i gaurentee he will smile! If you do these things your man should never cheat, but if for some reason he does, forgive him and leave him because he will deserve it. HE WILL LEARN!


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