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50 Things That Make Men Feel Loved

Updated on February 22, 2017

Things That Make Men Melt

Have you ever wondered why some women never seem to be able to find or hold on to one man while some others are in a lifelong relationship with their husbands? So you think some women are natural born man- magnets and others are men repellents? When was the last time you did something special to make your husband happy? The man you exchanged vows with is so much more than just your lover, your companion, a provider, father to your kids, and a pair of useful hands around the house. So, isn’t it time you did something fun and unexpected to gladden your husband’s heart? The truth of the matter is some women simply have a nearly infallible ability to make a man’s melt. If you are not one of those lucky ones, there’s not need to despair, because fortunately, it is not an insurmountable one, here are 50 ways to make your husband happy and pleased:

1. Show genuine love. Tell your man how much you love, cherish, adore, respect, need and value him. Perform unselfish and outgoing acts of love because such sincere self-giving inevitably leads to pleasant personal relationship.

2. Listen actively when your husband expresses an opinion or a thought. This shows you respect him and his views counts. This will gladden his heart.

3. Say thank you with a smile. Compliment him even on the little nice things that he does for you. He will know that his help is not taken for granted and he will be happy to do more.

4. Prepare his favorite meal. After he returns home from work on an ordinary day, surprise your husband with his favorite dinner. He will not only be glad you did.

5. Wear flattering fashions. And dress for him at night, too. So, it may be time to invest in some lingerie or just something feminine. Consider getting items tailored to fit your body, which can accentuate or highlight your features while concealing parts you may not like. Wearing clothing and fashions that flatter your figure and personality can make you seem more irresistible to your husband. You don’t have to buy expensive items to flatter your appearance. Purchase a few key well-made pieces and you can mix and match them.

6. Hold his gaze. When you are speaking during intimate talks to your husband or listening to him, make sure that you keep eye contact. This will assure him of your attention and your respect, which shows you care.

7. Treat your man like a prince and he will forever treat you as his princess. Plan a vacation. Make arrangements for a romantic vacation, to a destination you know your husband would love to visit.

8. Don’t become too possessive. In most relationships, women tend to get into the personal domain of the men, and that’s when they find you irritating and annoying. When in a relationship, it’s a common tendency to become a little clingy, controlling, passive and a little critical. And that’s when your husband begins to distance out from you. Once a while, ask his family over. Your husband’s parents mean a lot to him. So ask them over for a Sunday lunch he will be touched by your loving gesture.

9. Gift your husband a subscription to his favorite magazine.

10. Your relationship together takes priority over everything else in your life because your happiness as a couple is essential to the security and happiness of your children, your job performance, and your mental health. The relationship itself must be viewed as a separate living, breathing force that the two of you are charged with care taking. I’m not suggesting you lose your individuality. But as two individuals, you are jointly responsible for nurturing your connection as you would your child because if your relationship isn’t solid, everything else in your life will be negatively impacted.

11. Small acts of kindness on a daily basis translate into heaping portions of positivity and happiness, which is essential for lasting relationships. For example, help him do something he hates. Choose a chore, like buying grocery or taking out the laundry, your husband really dislikes doing and then go on to do it cheerfully.

12. Have his pals over. If a football march of his favorite team is coming up, let your husband know he can watch it at home with his mates. Admittedly there will be entertainment and your hubby will love your generosity.

13. Appreciate his interests. Your interest in his hobbies will give your husband a feeling of pride and make him happy.

14. Always be interested in his activities and ideas. Talk about his interests rather than talking about yours. If you are absorbed in his interests, he will become attentive to yours and you will have a pleasant time together. Book your husband on a golf vacation and do it happily. Buy him a set of golf clubs or whatever sport equipment he is interested in.

15. Give your husband a nice massage, after a particularly exhausting day at work. You don’t have to be a professional to do that. The mere fact that you did it even if not perfect will be greatly appreciated.

16. Let go of your resentments. If you are not satisfied because your partner isn't helping you make weekend plans or take out the garbage in time, those little bitter feelings could be grinding down the love and goodwill you've created over time. So take a hard look at the expectations you believe your spouse isn't meeting. To get the excitement back, first you have to get over your resentments and strive for acceptance. Doing so will change the whole dynamic of your relationship, making it lot easier to communicate, connect, and feel more in love.

17. Develop your humorous side. Married life has its unavoidable stresses and strains. Frustration, resentments, hurt feelings, and unmet needs are always simmering just below the surface. One wrong word, one sideways glance, one exasperated sigh is all it will take to cause the lid to blow. If something frustrating is happening, try easing the tension with a bit of humor. By incorporating jokes or anecdotes into your conversations that are funny, you can attract your husband to yourself. You can also cultivate your humorous side by using your body language to express humor. Facial expressions, body positioning and movements, and tone of voice can all impact how funny you seem.

18. Find out your husband’s favorite after-shave and buy it for him.

19. Don’t argue in anger. This might be the most difficult change to adopt, but it will be the most life-changing. When you are angry with your husband, and want to yell and scream and say something really hurtful or snarky, walk away instead until the anger dissipates. Words spoken in anger are poison to your close connection. They might feel good in the moment, but they often cause irreparable harm.

20. Send the kids to their grandparents’, family friend’s or to a family member’s for a sleepover. Then snuggle up to your husband and ask what he would like to do, for the rest of the evening. Try to reconnect to the feelings you had when you first fell in love, when the world was your oyster and life had a rosy glow to it.

21. The longer you're married, the more likely you are to pay attention to the negative aspects of your spouse, rather than the traits you found adorable when you first fell for him. To counteract this tendency toward criticism, be more intentional about positive communication. In other words, work hard to stay in love.

22. Take a trip down memory lane. When you've settled into the rhythm of a marriage, the memory of your first date is eclipsed by other milestones: your wedding day, the birth of your first child, your marriage anniversary. But taking the time to relive the earliest days of your courtship can help revive those falling-in-love feelings. Recreate your first date and your husband is sure to be happy falling in love with you all over again.

23. Tell your husband to take a night out with his pals. Not only will he have a good time, but he will also be grateful for your thoughtfulness.

24. Have great sex. Be sexually adventurous, uninhabited and make sure you satisfy him sexually. Sexual incompatibility has ruined many relationships. Put on your sexiest lingerie and get ready for an intimate evening with your husband. He will be happy to know you still desire him as a lover.

25. Now you’ve been together for a while — maybe years. And the bloom is off the rose. It’s past time to rekindle your relationship. Book yourselves on a luxury cruise. Your husband will not only enjoy the sun and the sights, but will be happiest doing nothing the whole day.

26. What will ultimately make a man fall in love with you (and stay in love with you) is how you make him feel about himself. Give him a customized CD by compiling around ten or more of your husband’s favorite songs.

27. Take care of your appearance. Recognize the power of visual stimulation. Don’t let yourself go, just because you’ve been married for quite a while. Beauty, healthy hair, good-looking skin, well-done makeup, healthy weight; these are the more superficial things men adore. Your husband will be glad to know you still find him worth the effort and time it takes to appear well-groomed.

28. Attract him with body language. Confident and friendly movements can attract your husband to you and make him want to stay in your general vicinity. Using positive body language can help to reinforce your irresistibility and make you feel good, too.

29. Making a man feel good is one of the reliable approaches on how to become irresistible to men. Tell your husband he smells nice.

30. Flirt with your husband in front of his friends. Hold his gaze, touch his legs under the table and steal quick kisses.

31. When you are sitting together, quietly slip your hand into his. Your husband will love the easy expression of intimacy between you two, when you share physical affection and non-sexual touching.

32. Respect your husband. Everyone has the innate right to be who they are and to feel free with their most intimate partner to express their true selves. Just because you’ve come together as a couple doesn’t mean you should expect your partner to be someone else, meet all of your needs, or view the world in the exact same way you do.

33. Stop trying to change your husband into someone else, after all you married him for who he is. He is a unique person with his own beliefs, feelings, desires, and habits so love and accept him just the way he is. This is the foundation from which you can handle the differences between you and the difficulties life throws in your path.

34. Create fun times together. Life can be so serious and demanding. Meet him for lunch at his office and suggest a quick bite. He will love your spontaneity and the fact that you took out time from your own schedule.

35. Remember that the chase is never over. The next time you decide to eat out, let your husband choose the restaurant and the menu. Even after he proposes, you say your vows, apply for a mortgage, and send the kids to preschool, it's important to continue to chase him.

36. Ask him to share his fantasy with you and see if you can try it out – or at least a part of it. Even if you fail, you both will end up laughing and your husband will be pleased to know you care about what he wants.

37. Think about your partner as your boyfriend, and find ways to spend time together just as you did when you first met. Yes, your life is more complicated now. But that will make the fun times all the sweeter. Do something fun together like a trip to an amusement park or going for a circus show. This is particularly necessary when you have children at home. Your days are filled with work and child rearing, and in the evenings you’re exhausted and will want something relaxing.

38. Help him pick up the kids from their soccer or music practice, when he is very busy even though it is actually his turn to do so.

39. Talk with him about his day, his opinions, and his feelings. Your husband will be pleased you care about him.

40. Practice emotional intimacy. The foundation of emotional intimacy is trust. Your husband will lose that trust when you put him down, betray him in some way, or tries to control him. Real intimacy is impossible without this trust, and emotional intimacy is what keeps marriages thriving.

41. Greet your husband at the door dressed in your best gown and with two glasses of champagne. After he recovers from the initial shock, he will be glad that you came up with such a great idea to welcome him.

42. Remind your husband that he is the sexiest man you ever set eyes on. When you're falling in love with someone, you constantly look for ways to be in physical contact with that person—and we don't just mean when you're naked. Reincorporating everyday physical gestures here and there can help stir up those loving feelings again.

43. Leave a love note in your husband’s briefcase or in the car. Just a sentence telling him that he means so much to you. Tell him you love him… again and again because you choose to see all the things that make him wonderful.

44. Pursue an interest together – like a dance class or a photography club which will bring about greater interactions. He will be happy to feel connected to you.

45. Go for a hike in the mountains. You both will love the fresh air and the casual intimacy.

46. Be the perfect hostess, if your husband invites his guests over for dinner.

47. Try to improve yourself by learning a skill or a new language. Your husband will be happy and proud of your achievements.

48. Buy your husband something he always wanted, but never got around buying it either due to lack of time or inadequate funds.

49. Share meaningful experiences, laughter, and fun times together. Go over his high school photos together and remark how handsome he was even all those years back.

50 Even when you disagree, find a quiet moment with your husband to whisper “ I love you” in his ears. Also expressed your love for him with eye contact, spoken words, and open communication about how can please you, that every time it will make your husband glad, he married you.

Have you ever been in a relationship where you were stuck in a perpetual state of relationship limbo struggling to take the relationship to the next level?

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