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50/50 Custody: Two Weeks Each and 2-2-5-5 Schedules

Updated on February 11, 2012

50/50 Physical Custody

50/50 joint physical custody means your child spends 50% of their time with you and 50% of their time with the other parent. This is becoming a more popular choice in child custody because it allows the child to be an active part of both parents lives. Also, depending on your state, if you have 50/50 custody you may not have to pay child support.

50/50 joint physical custody has some requirements to ensure its success.

· Both parents need to live close to each other, your child's school, and other activities.

· Both parents must show the court they are willing to work together for the benefit of their child, including being able to communicate with each other.

· Both parents must both have a stable home environment.

Under 50/50 physical custody there are many different choices in how you schedule your child's time with each parent. I am going to talk about two very different schedules so you can see the wide variety of options available to you.

Two Weeks Each

The two weeks each custody schedule is very simple to understand. Your child lives with you for two weeks and then the other parent for two weeks. This schedule is very popular and can work well because you child has more time at each home to adapt and be a part of the family.

Children who like structure and consistency tend to prefer this schedule. It is also very popular with teenagers.

The biggest downfall of this schedule is some children cannot handle being gone so long from each parent. You can have a dinner one night a week with the current non-custodial parent. By doing this, your child and you will be able to spend time together and catch up and anything new.

Below I have posted a visual calendar made on Custody X Change software of the two weeks each schedule. Time with the mother is represented in pink and the father in blue.

Two Weeks Each Schedule


This schedule is very different from the one above because the child goes back and forth multiple times a week. How the 2-2-5-5 custody schedule works is the child spends two weeknights with you and the next two week nights with the other parent. Then the child comes back to you for the three day weekend and the same two weekdays (this is where the 5 comes from) then spends the last two weekdays and three day weekend with the other parent.

This schedule was very confusing to me when I was first learning about it. However, it helped me to look at a calendar and see it in action. It is easier to understand if you know each parent has the same weeknights and then the weekends rotate back and forth.

This schedule is great because the child gets to spend time with each parent each week. Also there is a level of consistency during the week because each parent has the same weeknights. For example, if you child has karate every Tuesday, it is the same parent who is responsible for taking them each week.

The biggest downfall of this schedule is to make sure your child can handle all their responsibilities while going back and forth. You and the other parent will have to communicate frequently about school work, special events, and activities to make sure nothing is missed.

Below I have posted a visual calendar made on Custody X Change software of the 2-2-5-5 schedule. Time with the mother is represented in pink and the father in blue.

2-2-5-5 Schedule


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    • profile image

      Amy 4 years ago

      How do holidays work with the 2255 schedule? The way it is happening for me right now is over Spring Break and Thanksgiving I did not/will not see my kids for 12 days. I am not sure...but this seems inaccurate to me!! Please help!

    • profile image

      Eileen 5 years ago

      I have the 2255 custody agreement, I also have little or no contact with my ex because he is verbally abusive any chance he can get. However in our divorce agreement we must live in the same town which helps. Since we are only a mile apart we can bring the kids back and forth when they need stuff. My ex doesn't work so he takes the kids to most of their sports stuff, he is obsessed with our children's athletic ability. As difficult as that is the kids do get to be with him and I keep telling myself that its better for them if they want him around. As long as he doesn't turn on them I know they are happy and safe. I miss my kids when I don't see them for 5 days though, and since I work full time, pay child support and split ALL excurricular expenses and non covered medical I get very resentful...... But I am trying to focus on the positive and the 2255 really is the best scenario for my kids.

    • ericalarsen profile image

      ericalarsen 6 years ago

      Thank you so much for your comment. You are very lucky to not be in this situation. It is amazing how many people take what they have for granted. I have many friends and family who have been through divorce and there is not a lot of information out there on all the options available. I want people to know there are so many choices available to them.

    • Duffee profile image

      Duffee 6 years ago

      I've never had to give this too much thought--thankfully I am not divorcing my husband --but I know others who are in this situation--and I can share this with them!!