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50 BBE - Basic Bar Etiquette

Updated on July 21, 2014
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My passion is writing about love, sex, dating, and relationships. I write based on my own personal experiences and those that I relate to.

When you are single, every time you go out on the town is a potential to meet Mr. or Mrs. Right. However, sometimes the night can end up being one of the best nights ever, or possibly a complete disaster—depending on your expectations, the actions of others, or even yourself. That's why some basic rules or etiquette should be followed.

Ladies, whether the guy is an enabler—buying shots or rounds of drinks or the aggressor—quickly approaching you or the unfortunate grabber, we also do "things" with poor judgement as well. We usually travel in prides—closely knit in conversations and/or dancing together, making it harder for men to successfully approach us. Or, we party too hard not equating our weight and lack of food—which leads to a potential nightmare all together.

Sometimes it can be easy to forget that you get one first impression when you go out—and this can be blown from the moment you walk into an establishment. Depending on what you decide to wear—too risqué, no fashion style, or a style that's not age appropriate, how you act—obnoxious, bitchy or cocky, or, how you approach someone—crude, rude, or know-it-all, can leave an immediate impact. For some reason, tact and composure is usually forgotten and lost once a few cocktails have been consumed—which is a complete turn-off.

On the flip side, if you're a woman out with your best gal-pal and you have received (and therefore given) the look and smile of interest from a guy you find attractive, why is it so hard for him to approach you or why does he take too long? I get that some men want to feel desirable and keep a women intrigued, but most women find this to be annoying. I understand that women can also approach a man, however when a man is the initiator he tends to become more invested long-term. If you're a guy who's interested, approach, but please do it with grace and maturity.

Men—most women don't appreciate being grabbed by a stranger. Women—stumbling and slurring is far from sexy.

Whether you can't control your booze intake, you think approaching someone who could frankly be your kid or grandchild isn't creepy, or you have an f-up attitude when you are turned down by someone you were interested in, there should still be some basic rules that everyone follows when going to the bar.

50 Basic Bar Etiquette Rules:

1. Never approach a person who is 30 years younger than you
2. Don't hover
3. If a woman is interested she will let you know by a look or a flip of the hair
4. Obnoxious is not attractive
5. Dress to impress
6. Wasted is not attractive
7. Don't hit on someone when you're with someone else
8. If you feel like you're a match—approach if you're interested.
9. Buying a girl a drink doesn't mean she wants to talk, date, marry or have sex with you
10. Learn when to walk away—if the interest is obviously not there, be gracious about it
11. Slurring isn't sexy
12. Guys, don't come straight off the golf course and expect to get lucky
13. Thank your bartender
14. Refrain from drunk dialing/texting
15. If you've had too many drinks don't go home with a stranger—9/10 times nothing good will happen—rape, serial killer, STD, regret, walk of shame, chew your arm off
16. Remember everyone looks sexier when you're drunk
17. Don't make plans for the next day or near future when you've had too many drinks to fully remember
18. Keep it classy
19. Know the person you're making out with is probably not as hot at you think they are at the time
20. Alcohol lowers your inhibitions—duh!
21. If you don't know their first name, don't sleep with them
22. Alcohol can blind chemistry—you might think the chemistry is there, but it's usually not
23. Never go home with a stranger
24. Don't leave without telling your friends where you are
25. Being desperate is not attractive
26. Don't be an Enabler
27. If she's not interested in you don't flirt with her friend—no one likes to feel like second runner up
28. Don't go home with a guy you've only know for an hour
29. Don't have sex with a guy that you don't even know his last name
30. Know when to call it a night
31. Have a two alcohol shot limit—or non at all (unless you're wanting a shit-show)
32. Don't try to be overly funny or loud
33. If you're feeling a buzz coming on, eat something
34. Water, water, water
35. Don't drink and drive—Uber!!
36. Emotions are always heightened when intoxicated
37. When seeing an ex—Be cordial, say hi and move on
38. If a bartender or server is buying you a generous tipper
39. When a guy buys you a drink—you can be gracious without leading him on
40. Avoid wearing shoes you can't wear all night—no one likes to hear a girl bitching
41. Don't exchange phone numbers if you're not interested
42. If you sleep with a guy you met at a bar—don't assume it will turn into a relationship
43. Continually switching alcohol's (wine to beer to vodka back to wine...) will lead to a night on the bathroom floor
44. Don't be afraid to give your friend the kibosh if they have been drinking to much
45. Drunk'n fist fights are not sexy
46. Ladies, don't hover and pee on the toilet seat...if it's already clean sit your ass down
47. If someone is drinking three to your one drink...they might have an alcohol problem
48. Don't dress slutty and then get offended when you get treated like a slut
49. Know when you have overstayed your welcome
50. If it's not your lucky night there is always next weekend

If you noticed several things on this list describe you—then you might want to reevaluate your actions. It can be easy to forget that first impressions are made in the first ten minutes of meeting someone. Once this impression is instilled in ones mind—good or bad, it can be hard to forget.

Regardless if you are a man or a woman, basic bar etiquette should be followed to make everyone's evening much more enjoyable and lasting impressions memorable. Although most people have been guilty of behaving many ways on this list, it's not too late to change unwanted behavior. Remember, going out should be fun as well as entertaining with as little drama as possible!


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