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52 Facts about Tall Women

Updated on September 16, 2017
Standing Tall is an advantage
Standing Tall is an advantage | Source

Every time a man encounters a woman taller than him, he feels the nerves. Tall women do make male hearts flutter. At every occasion a tall woman seeks a fair bit of attention. Men love to observe tall women at parties, however when it comes to conversations at a party men prefer having conversations with women shorter than them. The truth about why men prefer to make conversation with short women has a rather interesting theory. It’s a known fact… at parties men like to take a look on the sly at a woman’s cleavage as they talk. The moment a woman shifts her gaze during a conversation, men do not waste time taking a quick look at a woman’s cleavage.

Legs do the Talking
Legs do the Talking | Source

Well, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why men like talking to short women at parties. Tall women are well aware of the fact that men feel less nervous when they are in the company of short women, and many tall women have to find solace in a conversation with exceptionally tall men. However, the truth is majority of men fantasize about tall women. When men discuss tall women, the first thing that floods little corners of a man’s mind is legs. Majority of tall women have exceptionally beautiful legs, and it makes perfect sense for tall women to flaunt legs.

Also, tall women do get special treatment from men at the workplace. At the workplace environment men like to be seen with tall women. It’s got to do with the fact that short men get noticed by other women at the workplace when they spend time with tall women. In the modeling world tall women are sought after by designers to showcase their creations. While it’s true that men love watching tall women walk the ramp, not many men go on a first date with exceptionally tall women. Many short women say to themselves “I wish I was a little taller” when they see tall women on TV or in magazines. Also, in a group of friends an exceptionally tall girl is talked about frequently when not around. Playing the right cards is never easy all the time, for tall women it’s a breeze.

The lines below offer an in-depth perspective on tall women.

The right pose does make a difference
The right pose does make a difference | Source

52 Facts about Tall Women

  1. A large number of tall women remain unmarried.
  2. Tall women often have better posture than short women.
  3. Tall women find it uncomfortable driving a car.
  4. Majority of tall women are not obese.
  5. Tall women do not find a date easily.
  6. Tall women are envied by short women.
  7. Tall women seldom find jeans that fit right.
  8. Tall women love wearing stiletto heels.
  9. Tall women love to cross their legs and sit more often than short women.
  10. Tall women cycle a lot less than short women.
  11. Tall women love outdoors more than indoors.
  12. Tall women seldom wear excessively short skirts to reveal their legs.
  13. Tall women are better listeners than short women.
  14. Tall women prefer long handle handbags over clutch-on purses.
  15. Tall women do not color their hair as often as short women.
  16. Tall women do not post their photos too frequently on social networking sites.
  17. The number of tall women with tattoos on their body is far less than the number of short women with the same.
  18. Tall women seldom like to wear flip flops.
  19. Not many tall women like wearing earrings.
  20. Tall women are less talkative than short women.
  21. Tall women blink a lot less than short women.
  22. Tall women do not like to eat out frequently.
  23. Tall women seldom wear shorts at home.
  24. Tall women love wearing backless dresses.
  25. Most tall women have a square jawline.
  26. Tall women prefer bike rides over car rides.
  27. Tall women prefer going more often to the mountains and less to the beach.
  28. Tall women are more health conscious than short women.
  29. Tall women are significantly more patient than short women.
  30. Tall women that wear a nose ring are a rage with men.
  31. Tall women love Red Wine.
  32. Tall women have more black dresses in their wardrobe than short women.
  33. Tall women love humor and dark sarcasm in their conversation.
  34. At nightclubs tall women get significantly more attention than short women.
  35. Tall women are less likely to cheat their partner.
  36. Tall women are less pampered than short women.
  37. Tall women prefer light meals.
  38. Tall women do not lose their temper as often as short women do.
  39. Tall women prefer shoulder length hair over short hair.
  40. Tall women take lesser time than short women to dress up.
  41. Tall women love reading.
  42. Tall women love wearing belts.
  43. Tall women prefer being with friends rather than family during Christmas.
  44. Not many tall women like to cook.
  45. Tall women like to spend more and save less.
  46. Tall women love gadgets.
  47. Tall women eat a lot during pregnancy.
  48. Tall women love candlelight dinners.
  49. Tall women get things done easily by their male colleagues at the workplace.
  50. Tall women throw fewer tantrums than short women.
  51. Tall women look sexier in black lingerie than short women.
  52. Tall women love to overhear conversations as they read.

© 2015 Ansel Pereira


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