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6 Friends Everybody Needs

Updated on December 24, 2009

6 Friends Parents Need

This hub is for those that have children, or take care of someone that might as well be your child.  I love my children, and they bring me much joy, even when arguing with your significant other over small things that turn into something big, there is nothing like your child to brighten your day. But when you can connect with people that you don't have to clean up after......  is very very crucial!

When something comes up in your life that you are dealing with for the first time can be tough.  Having a friend that might be going through the same situation, and another friend that may have already gone through it can be a lifesaver. 

Your child can be a baby to a teenager every parent needs an "out".  Someone other than their significant other.  We all need a confidante at some point in our lives.   6 friends seems to me to be a good even number, not too large, but not too small to enjoy life with outside of the home.


  1. The friend in the same boat as you.  This friends understands what you have gone through especially if they have kids your age also.  This friend understand what it is like when you need to find a babysitter at the last minute, or you cannot go to that new movie premier because you have to watch your child.
  2. The no kids pal.   You need this type of friend because sometimes its good to have an adult conversation when you are surrounded by children all day.  Catching up on adult topics, instead of debating which formula to use allows you to stay somewhat hip to whats going on outside your home.  Friends that do not have kids will have the latest trends to keep me updated with, and are easier to schedule for me to meet up with them.  With this type of friend I can put away Daddy mode and go into friend mode which is something we all need.
  3. The been there, before Parent friend.  This friend get you through the times where you do not know what to do with your child moment.  You may need that extra advice on how to deal with a situation, and this friend will always have the right answer for you.  Wisdom from a friend knowledgeable can calm your parenting worries.
  4. The I'll do anything friend.  Have you ever had a friend that came over and was helping you do the laundry with you while you talked, and you didn't even notice?  The friend that doesn't mind picking up your kids for you if you are running late.  Or the friend that can handle a house full of children and actually stay in the same house with you to help out with whatever you needed? 
  5. The in crowd friend, bling friend.  We all have that one friend,( I know I do!!!) that has to be where the party is at, and has to have the finest things.  Ever wanted to borrow something your friend or gf was wearing?  Or wanted to raid the closet of that friend with all the nice fancy clothes?  That's the friend I am speaking of.
  6. The last friend is the best friend of all for me. This is the to the point friend.  This is the friend that will tell you like it is, how they see it and feelings are not to be hurt, the truth just hurts sometimes.  You wont hear what you want to hear, you will hear what you need to hear.  When you can thank the honest friend a day or so later after thinking about the truth that they told you that you really did not want to hear, then that is a GREAT Friend.

So, this is my list of 6 type of different friends that you may need.......... please do leave a comment with your favorite 6 or if the list is longer or shorter that is fine also.....


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