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6 Healthy Ways to Keep a Guy in a Relationship

Updated on June 10, 2020
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Lauren Richards is an avid relationship and dating enthusiast, an observer and writer of relationship articles.

Couple relaxing
Couple relaxing | Source

How do you keep your man? How do you ensure that his love lasts forever? There is six things you always want to foster in your relationship and losing even one of them will cost you the guy in the long term. So, in this article, I am giving you six things you must always have in your relationship.

Number 1 - Honesty

Now, no one goes into a relationship with intention to be dishonest. No one sets out their day thinking, "I want to lie today and this is going to be great!" But why do people end up lying or just not telling the full truth? We stack fears on top of our truths.

We will start to worry how our partner will react. We start to worry, oh, what if I lose him and we start to want to hide things to keep the relationship bliss that we have had. The problem is that it can only work for a while. You don't say that thing you wanted to say. You avoid that topic and things are good. We are still going along well. That behavior gets reinforced and the pattern starts to happen more and more.

Eventually, communication breaks down and you can't be honest with each other because you can't say the hard things and the hard truth that you are too scared to say. You must always maintain honesty in your relationship in the long term if your relationship is to succeed.

Couple by the sea side on vacation
Couple by the sea side on vacation | Source

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Number 2 - Communication

I know its cliché, but communication is and always will be important in your relationship. Think of times when you get angry. The gas bill was more than it should have been, your plane didn't arrive on time, your partner said he would booked the restaurant and he didn't or your partner was home late from work. Why? Why are you pissed off? It's because you expected something, and that something didn't happen, so you feel pissed off about it.

Fights, arguments, disagreements are almost always a reflection of lack of communication and someone expectation is not being met. So, always communicate with your partner over everything. Make a habit of communicating with him and you will have a great relationship in the long term.

Couple playing in the garden
Couple playing in the garden | Source

Some think love can be measured by the amount of butterflies in their tummy. Others think love can be measured in bunches of flowers, or by using the words ‘for ever.’ But love can only truly be measured by actions. It can be a small thing, such as peeling an orange for a person you love because you know they don’t like doing it.

— Marian Keyes

Number 3 - Respect

If there is anything that is possibly more important to your long term relationship survival than communication, it is respect. If you lose communication for a little while, you can probably get that back, but if you lose respect for a little while, your relationship will be in the dust.

If you treat him with disrespect, personal insults, violence, if you go and sleep with someone else, if you talk bad about him to others, if you stop respecting your partner at any point, your relationship is going to go downhill fast. You must always maintain respect from both sides in your relationship.

Number 4 – Space

This is the one that surprise a lot of people, but space is absolutely essential to long term attraction and romance in your relationship. You must have times when you are apart, from something as simple as you going into the gym, or going to painting class, to even taking a holiday on your own.

It's that space that gives room for desire and attraction. It's impossible to constantly lust after something that you are always holding. Space is fundamental to appreciating what you have and to get away from it so that you can want it again.

Couple having a walk
Couple having a walk | Source

Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving. It is loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses

— Ann Landers

Number 5 - Trust

Trust in a relationship is everything. If you don't trust your partner, what do you have? Now, this isn't just relating to infidelity either. Talking about trust for example, do you trust him to get the jobs done, that he said he would? Do you trust his word? Do you trust that he will show up when he is supposed to? Do you trust that he will be the man for you?

Men love feeling like you can trust them and you love feeling like your partner can trust you. When you don't trust, honesty starts to dwindle, communication goes and eventually respect will disappear. You must foster trust in your relationship always, and if you feel like the trust is decreasing, then that is something you and your partner have to be honest and communicate on to get it back.

Couple having a cool walk in the garden
Couple having a cool walk in the garden | Source

Number 6 - Growth

You must always grow personally and in your relationship to maintain happiness. Why? Well, if you are not growing, what are you doing? You are dying. If you are not growing, you are literally dying and the same applies to you as it does to your relationship.

Happiness comes not from an end result, but from the journey along the way. It comes from solving problems and feeling like you are expanding beyond your problems as you grow. You have to be doing this with your partner and you have to be doing this on your own and encouraging your partner to do it on his own too.

When you are growing as individuals, when you are taking on new challenges, when you are doing new things together and you are building up, you are building up to have better romantic relationship. You guys are growing as a couple, and you are going through that process, that journey of happiness together.

These are six things you must have in your relationship to keep your man and to keep love blossom forever.

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© 2020 Lauren Richards


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