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6 Reasons Beautiful Women Around The World Find American Men Desirable

Updated on December 2, 2017

Women around the world love American men. Do you know why? Here are the top six reasons beautiful women around the world find American men desirable.

1. American Men Have Unique Facial Features


American men have unique facial features, which is why women around the world find American men to be highly desirable. This could be due to the fact that America is a melting pot. Many American men are a mixed heritage, which contributes to their unique facial features.

Some come from a South American background, others a European background, Mexican, Canadian and the list goes on and on and on.

Gorgeous women around the world often like this about men. Not only that, but Hollywood movies and films, as well as adverts featuring American men also give beautiful women the impression that the average American male is attractive and highly desirable.

2. American Men Are Known For Being Fit


Los Angeles, Miami, Boston, New York City, Chicago and the list of massive walk-able cities in America go on and on and on. These are only a few of the many major cities that Americans call home. Even in the medium-sized cities, people do a lot of walking and are generally active.

So, what's the point? The point is American men are known for being fit and this is because so many men live in such cities. Even men who live in rural areas are known for being active and fit.

The bottom line is gorgeous women around the world think of the average American male as being in shape, ripped and active. Don't forget that some of the most famous male bodybuilders and fitness figures of all time have come out of America.

3. American Men Tend To Have Money


America is arguably the wealthiest country in the world. People generally think Americans are the wealthiest in the world. This includes women, who might assume that the average American man has quite a bit of money. They don't necessarily think the average American man has hundreds of thousands in the bank.

As you know, some women find men who have money attractive, but probably not for the reason you're thinking. In fact, women might look at a man who has a lot of cash as sign that the man works hard for his money and will work hard to take care of her and his family and things of that nature.

4. American Men Are Associated With Power


America is without a doubt the most powerful nation on the planet. This gives women the illusion that men in America are also powerful. Even if an American man doesn't hold down a good job or has a lot of money or come from a prominent family, just the fact that American men are Americans is enough to convey power, at least in many foreign women's eyes.

If you're an American man and you travel to other countries, the chances are beautiful women will be enthralled with you. They may look at you as being powerful, although they won't make it so obvious.

5. American Men Are Highly Motivated


American men are thought of as being highly motivated, creative thinkers and those who think outside the box. America is home of Silicon Valley, which is arguably the tech company of the world. So much innovation has come from America, and this is one of the reasons American men are looked at as being highly motivated individuals.

Gorgeous women around the world find American men desirable because of this. Women in general love men who are motivated, creative thinkers and don't like to stay known for too long. American men, in general, are not known for staying down for too long during difficult or challenging times.

6. American Men Think Outside The Box


As previously mentioned, American men think outside the box. A few example of this is if American men find themselves in a tough situation, such as they've lost a job, they will likely think of out-the-box type of ways to make income. Some might start a small company that many people think has no potential, but nonetheless they will do it and often they might thrive and do very well.

Gorgeous women love men who think outside the box, and American men are some of the most "outside the box" type of thinkers there are. Hence why they are highly desirable.


Those are a few reasons why gorgeous women around the world love American men. Did we miss anything? If so, leave a comment below.

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    • LimeyFeline profile image


      2 years ago

      Whoever wrote this is definitely not from America nor do they don't anything about American men.

    • Perspycacious profile image

      Demas W Jasper 

      2 years ago from Today's America and The World Beyond

      Some of this reasoning is based on the myths of American movies in which most of the males are handsome, goal-oriented, prosperous, fit, original, and great lovers. Few American movies are made featuring American men who are ordinary blokes, overweight couch potatoes, humdrum or absent dads, and snore. There is the attractive myth, the Hollywood variety, and the opposition. Fortunately for the attractive, goal-oriented, fit, original, and great lovers among the women around the world, they stand a better than average chance of finding the type of American men they fantasize about.


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