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6 Signals She is Attracted to You and Tips

Updated on April 5, 2011


You may see her at work, or in public somewhere. You know you are attracted to her, but you don’t know if she is attracted to you. You are asking yourself if you should move forward and ask her out on a date. You may be afraid of rejection. Don’t worry about rejection, it happens to everyone. Once you finally find out if she is attracted to you or not, you can move on with her, or you can move on.

I am going to give you some body language clues to help you figure out if she is attracted to you or not.

While body language cues differ from culture to culture, I am going to list some of the main body language cues to help you determine her mixed signals. Could she be attracted to you? There is a possibility.

Attraction can be difficult to detect for some. Signals of attraction can be mixed. This small list of signals could clue you in. Women give out more signals of attraction than men do. However women also give out more mixed signals, leaving a person clueless. If you get a few of the signals above, she may be attracted to you.

Six Signals



**Glance and glance away- This is a big clue of attraction. Does she look at you, hold your gaze for a few seconds, and then look away? This is one big clue.


**Exposing wrists-Does she exposes her wrists to you? If she exposes her wrists, and points them to you, this is another signal that she is attracted to you.


**Licking lips- Sometimes she may lick her lips because they are chap. Sometimes she may lick her lips in your presents because she is attracted to you.


**Exposing the left side of her neck- This is yet another signal of attraction


**Turning her body towards you- If she is talking to you, or someone else, pay attention to the direction her body points. If she is pointing her body toward you, it can be taken as one of many signals of attraction.


**She touches you slightly- A touch is a sign of affection, and a signal of attraction.


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You can take it further, and ask her out on a date. Just be careful not to get pushy. Pushiness will loose a woman quick. If she happens to reject you, understand that rejection is something everyone goes through, and move on.

Sometimes she can be attracted to you initially, and then loose the attraction if she feels that you have moved too fast. Be careful not to move too fast, it can and does scare women away. Wait until the time is right, and strike up little conversations with her here and there. Make small talk every time you see her.

Talking to her will not only giver her time to figure out that you are not pushy, it also makes her wonder if you are attracted to her, and helps create a bond. Most women bond through talking. Another thing, it makes her wonder if you are attracted to her. If you can get that question spinning in her head, your chances of a date have increased.

Patience is another key in keeping and building attraction. You need to time it right though. You do not want to wait several years before you ask her on a date, but you don’t want to ask her on a date if you are a stranger either.


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Making Your Move


When you see the signals of attraction increasing, make your move. When you make your move, make it a move where she may still question your motives. Make a move such as; ask for her help with something. Maybe you can ask her to meet you at a coffee shop, and help with a project of yours. Or maybe you can meet in a public place to ask her for advice. To make her initially question if you are attracted to her or not, it will spin her head little, and not only increase your odds, but it will increase her attraction towards you.

I hope you found these tips useful, and have a nice time with attracting, and catching that special someone.


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    • sarclair profile image

      sarclair 5 years ago

      Wow, thank you :)

    • profile image

      Bill 6 years ago

      This is the best thing I have ever read.