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8 Things Your Lover May Surprise You With

Updated on July 29, 2018

Got a boyfriend/girlfriend?! That's cool! Yeah, myself, I just don't. But still I can see the beauty and the ugliness of being attached to someone. So, why rushing into a relationship? I mean, yeah, there's no ideal partner for any living wreck walking the earth, and if ever, by a miracle, they happens to exist, they don't cross the paths for their other ideals.

It means a lot to be devoted to someone, and, of course, we want a relationship to be the best ever, and that's a lot of work, well before it is a lot of work, it's a matter of "wise choice".

Let's say you're a wise soul and you've recently picked up a beautiful mess of a partner, you're surely going through a wonderful start. Melted your heart yet? But let see if you can hold on this 8 things. So, for a better relationship, here we're gonna take a look at eight things you must expect from your lover.

Expect your lover to choose spending time with friends

Everyone likes to spend a happy time especially with friends and close people, and that's why we should always see that from our lover's perspective. We should make certain to our minds that as we like spending time with our friends, our beloved does too. So why being surprised when hearing "Hey I'm gonna hang out with my friends tonight"?
Give your soulmate a while to meet their friends to discuss topics, to laugh...and to enjoy some times away from you.

Expect your lover to NOT say I love you everyday

It's always good to hear our beloved expressing how much they love us, but it isn't that bad to not hear it for a day or two. Well, instead of waiting for the three words to be said from the depth of the heart, pay attention to their actions and their ways: how they treat you, how they look at you, how they smile at you...These are all ways of saying I love you without words, because when your significant other is holding love towards you, you can expect to feel love in so many ways. But we should consider giving our partner a break from expressing their love and not be forcing them to do so, they may not be in the mood of showing their affection.

Expect your lover to NOT give you a full time attention

We all have things that keep us busy, right? And we all like our lover to give us much attention, right? That's why we must keep in mind that attention isn't always fully given as everyone has things and tasks to do rather than sit down by their lover's side cuddling and hearing the small details of their small everyday problems. You must keep them free and not bound them with yourself and your affection-needing heart, let them take over their things that they must or would like to do.

Expect your lover to leave at any time

We doubtlessly love to spend the longest time with our significant other, but we aren't always lucky enough to be with them every hour of the day, especially when we or they have much to do. You may be enjoying time maybe watching a movie together or having dinner at a fancy restaurant and suddenly your lover's phone rings. So they answer the call and out of the blue you have to accept the news that they really have to leave. There's nothing we can do about that but consider that spur-of-the-moment and urgent things happen, so we must not panic or show discontent and disappointment to our lover as he has control over nothing. Though, we should be comprehensive and excuse them for such a thing, and promise them to be having that again.

Expect your lover to NOT be giving a present on every occasion

It's so sweet to get a gift from someone we love, yeah! But what would we do if we get nothing on Christmas or birthday...? We shall not be furious over that. They may not be having enough money to buy us a wonderful present as they did one previous day. Or maybe they had no time to go to stores and search on one and another for a present to their soulmate. So, you get nothing for a special day that occurs once in a year. But then what? It isn't freaking necessary to be given a present so we can feel how we are precious to our lover. It's okay to not get a present, we may get it another day or another year I don't know.

Expect your lover to NOT consider any kind of serious relationships

Being in a serious relationship is doubtless something else! But not everybody wants to be eternally attached to someone else. Some people don't take that for granted and they are just enjoying good times with maybe a temporary lover. And that may not be your case. So why not make that clear from the very beginning of a relationship? Discuss that with them and know if they are seeking a serious relationship or they are just passing by a relationship, you don't wanna end up brokenhearted, huh? And sometimes, your significant other's love to you doesn't mean they're wanting a long term serious relationship with you. So let us just make that clear to know what road we're taking.

Expect your lover to NOT be on time

How the heck is it possible to be always on time when we have a lot to do aside from loving our beloved? We're taken from here to there by the sake of a must-to-do list that won't give away a minute to show up on time to our soulmate. That's a thing to consider. But being on time is even considered attractive to some.

Expect your lover to introduce you to their family

Isn't that cool? Well, for some of us! But it surely shows care and respect. Nobody would want to introduce their partner to their parents only if there is satisfactory on every time you're out holding hands! Be aware that one day you get up in the morning and there is your lover telling you that today is the the day you're meeting their family. Don't panic! Give it some thoughts, don't rush to react.

Was that enough to let you give a while of thoughts to your new or future relationship? Also, just be kind enough to not force them to do things they don't really want to do and give them time to spend on their own: that's a smart way to keep a relationship always affectionate.


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