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6 Tips to Help You Write a Great Profile on Websites or Blogs About Christian Dating(With Examples)

Updated on October 10, 2018
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Isaac is a graduate of the University for Development Studies and he loves to help people have great romantic relationships.

Websites or Blogs About Christian Dating

Use conversational language on blogs or websites about Christian dating
Use conversational language on blogs or websites about Christian dating | Source


You are dying to meet a man or woman who shares your faith online, right? Someone who will care about your Christian values, but at the same time show you affection, right?

And you’ve thought about writing a profile on websites or blogs about Christian dating.

But the big question is what should you write? You’re not sure what to put in that profile to attract that special one

Sure, you’ve written some profiles on some Christian dating websites. But it’s not like members of the opposite sex are tripping over themselves to send you messages.

And that makes you worried. You worry that you may never meet him, or her...

And the truth is, unless you can write an eye-catching profile, you may never meet that special person online.

But, don’t worry! I’m here to help you solve that problem. In this article, I’ll show you what you can write to increase the likelihood that your profile will look attractive enough for someone to connect.

Want to take up the challenge?

Then read on…

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Use The “Conversational-Tone Attraction Strategy” In Your Profile Write-Up

You love it when you read an article in which the writer sounds conversational, right?

It makes you feel that the guy or lady is a friendly person, right? And that makes you feel like getting to know that person better, right?

In just the same way, using the “conversational-tone attraction strategy,” which means using a conversation-style approach in your profile instead of just describing yourself, what you do and so on, can help you.

You may be wondering, Yeah right. How can it help me? What should I do? How do I use it?

How This Strategy Will Help You

This strategy will help you in the following ways:

  • It will make the other person feel that you are an engaging and intriguing person and that can help to increaser your “attractiveness quotient”—how attractive you seem;
  • moreover, it will tell the other person that you are a great conversationalist. And one of the things that make dating exciting and interesting is great conversations over a bottle of soft drink and meat pies, right?;
  • furthermore, it will convey the impression that you are a very relatable and friendly person that he/she can have a great relationship with.

What You Must Do

This is how to use the strategy in websites or blogs about Christian dating:

  1. Ask probing questions at the beginning of your profile.
  2. For example, you may ask questions such as, “Hey, you want to know me right? Come on, don’t deny it! You feel I am a great guy after seeing my profile picture right? But you’re have doubts about connecting, right? You are wondering whether we can be great friends, right? Take the risk! You will never regret it!
  3. Additionally, ask rhetorical questions about love and relationships. It will make you seem inquisitive. And someone who always wants to know is always interesting to have around, right?

Use The “I Understand Your Gender Strategy”

You want to date someone who understands members of your gender, right? Someone who understands people of your gender is more likely to know how to deal with you, right?

In just the same way, when you show in your profile that you know members of the opposite gender through and through by using the “I understand your gender strategy,” members of the opposite gender who visit your profile will feel a connection and would love to become friends.

What is this strategy?

The “I Understand Your Gender Strategy”

  • Avoid filling your profile with what you need in a relationship and how you want to be satisfied when you are dating someone. Rather, focus on writing about how you understand the needs of members of the opposite sex.
  • If you’re a Christian man, show that you understand that women need care, understanding, respect, devotion, and reassurance.
  • If you are a Christian woman, show that you understand that men want to be trusted, accepted, appreciated, admired, approved, and encouraged.
  • Quantify your experiences with members of the opposite sex. Show how you relate to members of the opposite sex, and how you have helped some of them in the past.

A Practical Example For Men

So, if you are a Christian guy, you may write something such as this, “You know I had a heated argument with my sister last week. I felt like giving her a piece of my mind. But, after careful thought, I saw there was sense in what she was saying. You know what I did? I apologized to her. After all, a guy’s got to respect a woman’s opinions, right?”

A Practical Example For Women

And if you are a Christian woman, you may write something such as this in your online profile, “I remember strolling into my brother’s room last week. His girlfriend had just left him. I put my arm around his shoulders and assured him I was there for him. I cannot write in words how I felt when he smiled. That’s how you guys are, right? You love to be encouraged when you are down.”

Use The “I Also Understand Loneliness Strategy”

The reason why the other person is looking for a partner is that he or she feels lonely, right?

And you also feel lonely, right? Well, let that shine through your profile.

How do you do that?

What To Do

  • Let the other person know that you understand how it feels to be lonely.
  • And then, let the person feel that you are the right person to help drive away that loneliness from his/her life.

How can you do that?

Tell stories about how you’ve helped people to deal with loneliness in the past.

The Steps To Use

So, for example, if you have spent time with a lonely elderly Christian person before:

  1. Start by writing about your experience with that person to show you can identify with loneliness;

A Practical Example

You may write something such as this,

“Last month, I spent a whole day visiting Ben. He’s an old friend. Lives in our neighborhood. Lost his wife three years ago. All his children live abroad. I sometimes feel his pain. I mean the loneliness. So I visit him often. We chat and that makes him feel better.”

2. Then, relate that experience to how you empathize with the other person.

A Practical Example

Continue by writing, “I can imagine that is how you also feel, right? You sometimes feel no one loves you, just as I feel that way sometimes, right? Well, we share something in common, don’t we? You know, we may make great friends because of that. Want to find out the answer to that question? Send that message!”


Do you think you can make the other person know you understand his/her loneliness?

See results

Vary Long Sentences With Short Sentences

Avoid using only short sentences, or only long sentences, in your profile. Doing that may make the other person feel that you are a “one way” sort of person.

What’s a “one way” sort of person?

It’s a person who does things the same way every time. And you’ll agree with me that people who look and feel so routine are very boring, right?

How To Do It

  • Start sentences with short phrases to help build curiosity in the reader.
  • Then follow that with a medium-length sentence to draw the reader deeper.
  • And then write a long sentence or share a short story at the end of a paragraph to captivate the reader so that he/she will continue reading your profile to the end.

A Practical Example

So, you may write something such as this, “I love Jesus to bits! I don’t think anyone else loves Jesus like I do! You wanna know why? To be frank, I was not raised in a Christian home. I used to drink when I was younger, made women hide their daughters whenever they saw me, disrespected my parents, made dogs and cats in our neighborhood scamper off whenever they saw me roaming, until that fateful day. What day am I talking about? Well, one Friday in May 2000,…”

Use Relationship And Love Animated Gifs

You get captivated when you see an animated gif in an article or a blog post, don’t you? It makes you want to read on and find out who this person who wrote this article is, right?

Animated gifs can also help you in Christian dating.

How Animated Gifs Can Help You

  • It will make your profile stand out. That will tell prospective dates that you are intriguing and you have in store more surprises if they connect with you.
  • It will convey the message that you are a fun-loving person with a good sense of humor. Everyone wants to date someone who can make others laugh, right?

End With An “Online Dating Suspensor”

A “dating suspensor” is ending an online dating profile abruptly. Instead of concluding at the end, you rather choose to end the profile with a suspense-filled story from your past mid-way through the story by ending the story with an ellipsis (three dots such as …).

How This Can Help You

If the person reading your profile is the curious type, it’ll make him/her wonder what happened at the end of that story and that curiosity may make him/her connect to know.

Key Points To Remember

A dating profile that can help you to meet a Christian lover on websites or blogs about Christian dating must include:

  • the “conversational-tone attraction strategy”—writing as though you are having a conversation with the prospective date;
  • the “I understand your gender strategy”—showing you know the opposite gender;
  • applying the “I also understand loneliness strategy”—showing you know how the other person feels because you also feel that way; and
  • ending the profile with an “online dating suspensor”—a suspenseful story that you don’t end.

© 2018 Isaac Yaw Asiedu Nunoofio


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