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6 Ways to Help Your Relationship Stay Confusion-Free

Updated on September 3, 2018
kenneth avery profile image

I was born in the south. I live in the south and will die in the south. This is only a small part of the memories I share.

I Need to Introduce

you to the two photos on this hub. Why? Simply because I do not like to leave things undone, so I am going to explain the two photos to you. Do you see both couples, and how happy they are? Obviously the two couples have fallen in love and to all the hapless romantics . . ."their limits are only the moon and stars."

Don't be fooled. These two couples fell in love and it was somewhat accidental and somewhat fate, if you believe that stuff. The details are too long and drawn-out, so I will just say (to make my point), what has happened to these two couples does NOT happen every day. I suppose that there is a reason why, but like the reasons why the two couples fell in love are too long and drawn-out and besides, you have another Labor Day 2018 to celebrate with ribs and burgers to eat and friends to laugh with and be happy because you will have a short work week--provided that you have a job that you go to Monday through Friday.

What a happy couple. They are deep in love and they have the secret in how to stay happy: they know how to communicate.
What a happy couple. They are deep in love and they have the secret in how to stay happy: they know how to communicate. | Source

And Please, Be Patient

with me on this one because I want all of my words and ideas to be concise. I hate blurry sentences that cause me to get confused and then I get all upset sending my blood pressure zooming into the double-digits, so please, handle me with kid gloves.

Another solid reason why these two happy couples are happy and in love are because the two couples either had the good sense to call ahead or send a yellow sticky-note to tell the other one that they would be late and not get too upset. That is just common courtesy. I wish we had more of it.

Since common courtesy is hiding somewhere, I've stumbled upon something that may not be as glamorous, but it never fails: Six Sure-Fire Ways to Keep Your Relationship Confusion-Free.

6.) Good Old Face-to-Face -- communications between you and your loved one. Don't be too stunned, because we can still talk and that skill rates higher than the importance of the dinosaurs, so the next time you are going to be late, simply walk to your loved one and tell him or her the situation and when you get home there will be NO confusion, short-words or cold shoulders.

5.) Remember The Post Office -- these boys and girls are still in business and still in the business of delivering your mail and that includes you if you are in a long-distance relationship and you are wanting to keep the car's gas bill in moderation by simply sitting down and writing your loved one a warm letter. You do remember how to write?

4.) What About a Telegraph -- and I can use virtually the same information about the Post Office as I can for you to send that loved one a loving telegraph and guess what? He or she may get a bigger kick out of reading an old fashioned telegram from you, his or her honey. I will explain later.

3.) Newspaper Advertising -- is still going strong. And if your loved one is having a birthday, just pop into the newspaper office and compse a snappy "Happy Birthday" ad to him or her and of course you will have to pay for it since the greeting is considered display advertising, so you might save up before your loved one's birthday rolls around.

2.) A Singing Telegram -- can help you to bring that loved one closer whether you can sing or not. I have an idea: YOU try your best to sing that telegram and you dress to fit the occasion. (e.g. a tuxedo if an anniversary is coming up,) You see? This works like a charm.

1.) A Personal Messenger Service -- is what our society has probably forgotten thanks to the e-mails and computer chatting tools. Besides, doing something personal, for example: you are going to be late with your loved one. Tell him or her, but send a paid "employee"and you and your loved one will have a great time.

What do you know? Old Fashioned Things are still in style.
September 2, 2018_________________________________

Loving, kissing, and having great times. This couple also knows how to communicate with each other.
Loving, kissing, and having great times. This couple also knows how to communicate with each other. | Source

© 2018 Kenneth Avery


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