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7 Common Mistakes Brides Make When Choosing their Wedding Date

Updated on March 21, 2017

Choosing the right date can be confusing

7 Common Mistakes Brides Make When Choosing the Wedding Date

Getting married is an amazing experience and as a result, you will want every moment of the wedding to be perfect.

Besides, this may be the largest event you’re going to plan in your life. Since the initial excitement of the engagement has now cooled off, you can easily find yourself confused, overwhelmed, and frustrated.

Common Mistakes in Choosing the Wedding Date

1. Doing it yourself

This is your event; the buck stops with you and you have the last word on the wedding date. However, you’re not the only participant in this colourful event. Obviously, there are other key participants in your wedding, these include, family, friends and other guests. By planning on the appropriate date without considering their decisions, most brides end up coming up with an undesirable date making the event less colourful as they intended.

Weather can be a BIG factor

2. Failing to take weather into account

The popular months to plan a wedding are June, September, and October. This is because the weather is beautiful in early summer and Autumn. You should plan your wedding at a period where the weather will be comfortable both for you and the visitors. On the other hand, consider avoiding months that may be too hot or too cold. Some venues can be akin to a sauna during hot summer dates but on the flip side, choosing, for example a church in winter can be uncomfortable for all that attend partly due to their enormous size and lack of heating.

Get the date wrong and the weather could ruin your big day

Is superstition a factor for you?

3. Being too superstitious

There are a lot of tales surrounding different wedding dates. Some of them are becoming so common nowadays in England as well as other countries. Here are the common ones.

i. Being married on 13th – 13 is commonly considered to be a bad luck number, and many brides look forward to planning their wedding on any other date other than 13.

ii. Fridays – according to the British culture, getting married on a Friday brings bad luck as a result, very few brides will consider tying the knot on this day.

iii. May – may is termed to be the most inauspicious month to get married. As a result, many brides tend to push their weddings towards the end of April. It is believed that in the past, Queen Victoria never allowed her children to marry in May. In the Scottish and Irish cultures, getting married in January, September, and December is said to help marriages last long.

Besides believing in superstitions, the ‘best months’ may be ruled out due to some other serious circumstances.

Being superstitous may affect your decision

4. Worrying too much about the weather

This factor is influenced by the venue of your choice if you plan to hold your wedding outdoors, synchronising the dates to a day with good weather may be tough to arrive at. On the other hand, indoors weddings may not be affected by the current weather.

5. Failing to consider all factors of an off-season date

Planning your wedding in January or March may lower your rental venue fees. However, it has some additional costs for instance due to the increased cost of flowers.

Are you thinking of booking on a busy holiday date?

Planning a date on a major holiday?

6. Scheduling weddings on major holidays

Although holiday weddings are fun and festive, the anniversaries may not be as great since you'll have to be celebrating them alongside other ceremonies. Besides, holiday weddings are faced with increased costs of venues and flowers. This may impact on your budget. You also may have to contend with road delays and diversions due to events being planned in your chosen area. There are plenty of people on the roads during major holidays and you wouldn’t want to be late for the wedding now would you?

Don't make rash decisions

7. Making hurried decisions

Due to the hype that surrounds the period between engagement and wedding, most brides end up making decisions so fast without doing the necessary research. This impacts on the budget and may also alter the whole event.

Planning a wedding involves a long list of things to do and endless decisions to make. As a result, you should engage a professional wedding planner in the process to avoid making some of the common mistakes new brides do in choosing the wedding date.

How many of you made a mistake with your date?

Did you make a mistake with your wedding date?

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