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7 Differences Between Men & Women

Updated on April 2, 2016

We are not the same. Women and men have been at this for years and we still can't get it right. Here are quick and easy tips to better understand our differences and hopefully shed some light that may help us learn and accept them without killing each other in the long run.

1. Men do not multi-task. Women do. So when a man is not texting you all day, and you know he is at work, he is probably working. He can only do one thing at a time. It doesn't mean he isn't thinking of you, it just means, well, that he is working.

2. Women love talking and will beat around the bush before ever hitting the actual mark of the topic at hand. We are descriptive. Men are succinct. That's why you never hear men having lengthy phone calls. Ever hear two women talk on the phone? It can take an hour. We talk about everything and anything because our minds are all over the place with our multi-tasking ways. Men on the other hand will get to the point and the call is pretty much over.

3. Men fear commitment. Women crave it. This doesn't apply to every man and woman but for the most part, it has been noted as a statistic. When a woman hears those 3 words she longs to hear for the first time, she is happy and will glow all over the place. When a man says it to that same woman, something kicks starts in him and he runs, at least for a bit until he gains composure and realizes what just happened. The outcome can be either he chickens out and keeps running, or he mans up to his feelings.

4. Women are nurturers. Men are fixers. We mother out men. We tell them what to do, take care of them, mold them and want to change them, which is something men do not like or need. They already have a mother and it isn't you. Men want to fix everything from electrical units, to plumbing and even you. Your problems are necessary for them to feel needed. If you don't have problems, then what good are they to you?

5. Women crave company. Men can do without. A woman without a few girlfriends is probably really busy. She needs her females around her for support, advice about men, etc. Men are fine alone. They were raised to be in control, be strong. Me man, you woman. You cook. Me eat.

6. Women see the bigger picture. Men zone in. It's like watching a movie on television in widescreen or regular. We see everything, even things we don't want to see. But men tend to concentrate on whatever is at hand at the time and miss out on the other details which to us, matter more. So when you're discussing a problem. Her problem is a tiny pebble in a man's eyes, where as in a woman's, it is the size of the Mount Everest.

7. Men are raised to hide their feelings. Women's hormones explode all over the place once a month and the rest of the time, they are dealing with hormonal warning signs of the monthly explosion to come. We cry. Men don't. Men will hide their emotions at all costs due to the fear of emasculation. They don't understand that we really like that. It's our comfort level, our territory and we relate. Besides, mommy will cuddle him in her arms and make the boo boo go away. Promise.


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  • Rosana Modugno profile image

    Rosana Modugno 24 months ago from 10th Kingdom

    First of all, Michaela, thank you for your opinion and your comment. I welcome your view. I am very far from 20, so I suppose you can call me a bit "outdated" and from an "older generation".

    However, no matter what generation you are living in, men and women don't really change their basic psychology. Of course there will be some people who do not fit one particular profile. That's just common sense. But for the most part, statistically and psychologically speaking, there is a basic formula to men and women.

    And I am sure you have interacted with many people. Rest assured, I have interacted with far more, as my oldest son is almost twice as old as you. Don't let my photo fool you. I look very young for my age, but that's another article.

    From my own personal experiences with men, some older and some younger than myself, this applies on its own.

    If you are interested in learning more, Dr. John Gray and Barbara De Angelis are very good, although they are older, they have quite a bit of experience to share which you may find very interesting.

  • MsDora profile image

    Dora Weithers 24 months ago from The Caribbean

    Thanks for laying out these differences between women and men. These are good points to remember in our everyday interaction with each other.

  • Michaela Osiecki profile image

    Michaela 24 months ago from USA

    Wow....this is .....really outdated socialized behavior. And really, these kind of gender differences only seem to exist in the older generations.

    As someone in my twenties who interacts with other people (men, women, and everything in between) in their twenties, I can say with certainty that some of this is pretty wrong.

    I know more young men that are multi-tasking, communicating, nurturers than I do women. I know more young women who are focused, straight-forward, happily uncommitted, and stoic than I do men.