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7 Masculine Alpha Male Traits

Updated on February 5, 2013

Are you a man that is always chasing the woman but not getting any results? Are you always getting turned down or rejected? If yes to any of the above question it is important to know that real attraction starts with you and the mind, if you do not believe in your own attraction you will not be attractive. If you are always chasing expecting results it may be because you are expecting too much from your encounters. This post is just for the guys, if you are looking for a way to get more women reciprocating and speaking to you then you can, you just need to have attractive masculine alpha male traits. Not only will the following 7 traits make you more attractive to women but you will also feel more attractive on the inside.

Attraction is everything, you are not attractive simply because you ask a woman out but because you think you are good looking. The most attractive men have a lot of more character and charisma. Keep in mind that no woman wants an arrogant man, she just wants a man who knows his real worth, his power and who knows he is attractive. If you want to become an attractive Alpha Male internalize the 7 traits noted here as a start, only then will you start having more women turning their heads at you. Check if you have the following traits:

1) Confidence

Confidence is best described as a feeling that shows re-assurance of oneself, if you have courage, bravery and a positive attitude towards a lot of things you will show confidence through this. Confidence is shown when you feel something is attainable and that going for what you want and doing what you want is not a problem because you will 'do it' regardless and believe in yourself even if the results are not guaranteed.

2) Intelligence

Intelligence is a measure of how clever you are, if you are both logically intelligent and emotionally intelligent you will also have much better chances in your life of meeting women and understanding them. If you are intelligent a woman will see this as something valuable in you as a person and shows that you put your work and study life first something guys sometimes ignore. If you are not intelligent find something you are good at work at it, everyone is knowledgeable in some area of life.

3) Independence

Independence is the ability to do everything on your own or be able to support yourself rather than ask others for support or advice all the time. Independence is a good trait to have because a woman wants a man who can do most things on his own out of hard work and effort. If you are not a hard worker or someone who can solve your own problems in most aspects of life how can she rely on you to be there for her?

4) Passion

A man who is passionate not only with his life but in his work and hobbies is seen as a fun partner who creates energy, excitement and humor around him, a man who isn't passionate is a man who has nothing to enjoy in his life. To have passion find the things you like and love, have goals and try new things. Finding a passion can sometimes be hard but if you are really into a specific area; hobby or college course then this very well could be your passion. A woman likes passion because its exciting, share that passionate energy with everyone.

5) Ambition

A man who has leadership and his own head on his shoulders can make his own decisions but he is also has a view for his own future, a purpose! If you have a passion you must have future goals to attain around that passion. A man with ambition is usually creative and business like in his approach, he is always chasing his dreams and walking his own path. A woman likes ambition because secretly she values a man who has a life to live and one where he is looking to achieve.

6) High Esteem

Self esteem and worth is very important because many guys out there tend to think they are lucky when they have girlfriends or simply think they aren't good enough, well if your high esteem its more than just confidence, its about knowing you have something to give, something great. The important thing here is to know that everyone on this planet is equal and should be treated equally, no woman, nor any other person is any better than you. If you have high self esteem and worth you will know that you are great person and have a lot of self respect and demand equal respect from others. If your confident but always replacing girlfriends to make yourself feel better this is good a sign you don't have high self esteem.

7) Security

Some women do not require this as much as other women but many women look for security from men to feel good and happy within them self. Security should bring stability to a relationship and allow her to feel both safe and protected. Security does not mean pampering a woman or paying for her all the time, this is it out of date logic. Its about calm, compassion, communication and compromise, all the signs of good providers. However to provide real security you must be secure within yourself first.

These 7 traits will help any man to be more attractive to women, these actually are the things most guys need to know, they are my opinion but are based on truth too. If you are too nice of a guy and don't value yourself how can you ever be the man that women want to be with? Men and Women in Psychology don't look for the same 'total package' in the opposite sex.Here is How to Find Out if She Likes You.


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    • profile image

      sachin 5 years ago

      I have always started well but at the latest stage i have fail, Woman like me very much, at that stage i need to thing now what.

    • soconfident profile image

      Derrick Bennett 5 years ago

      Damn I got all those traits 7 for7 yayyy!!!!!!

    • profile image

      alphadude 5 years ago

      Agreed with these jay, 1, 6 and 7 are for me the most important in becoming a man and of course the alpha male ;) Good post.

    • karthikkash profile image

      Karthik Kashyap 6 years ago from India

      haha.. Yes, I have immense patience as well :)

    • karthikkash profile image

      Karthik Kashyap 6 years ago from India

      damn!! Then, why haven't I got my special one yet? Maybe I am too much on most of these ;)

      By the way, nice hub :)

    • alisha4u profile image

      alisha4u 6 years ago from New Delhi, India

      I guess, you missed out on Humor....Gals just love Good Sense of Humor.. Don't you think?