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8 Reasons Why You Are Still Single Even When You Hate Being Single

Updated on July 25, 2017

So you are still single even when you don’t want to be? Being single for very long can get frustrating and lonely; especially when you are entering in early thirties. Maybe you are any adult who is fit for marriage but still not be able to get through? Well, the reasons can be many and far from your understanding.

We all have read or heard that marriage is a combination of two people forming one soul. But, somehow your soulmate is still far from your reach? Or he or she is nearby but you are missing them out? Lets focus on why this is happening with you. There are some thoughts and actions which you have been not doing it right. Lets see the detailed list.

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You have a commitment phobia

Marriage is lifelong relationship and commitment is its root. Staying by to your partner through their thick and thin is not everyone’s cup of tea. You might be one of such people who don’t want to put themselves in such commitment. But wait! did you ever think how selfish this could be?

You will have to control your wavering mind and look for the positive sides in your relationship. There is nothing bad in committing to your partner for a lifetime. Conquer your this fear and affirm yourself that you can do this. Its good to have a soulmate as a friend for lifetime.

You love your "freedom and privacy" more than anything else

We all love freedom and some privacy in our life. However, you might be the one who thinks that marriage or being with someone will invade your privacy. But, let me tell you that you have been thinking all wrong. Marriage does not invade privacy. In fact, it gives you more comfort and warmth. You can ascertain your partner that how much you love your freedom from the very beginning. And, he or she will surely understand this.

You think that “being single” is fancy

Now, this is the problem with younger generation. They think that being single is fancy and trendy. You might be enjoying this status right now. But, in the long run, what you’re finding fancy won’t be fancy at all. So yeah, you are simply protecting what you’re finding fancy. But, inside you know what is right and what is not.

There might be people around you who will tell that its cool to be single. But trust me, they will be there for you only for a short while.

You are over judging people

Its bad to think that “I know everything”. Yes, its good to judge and inspect the person whom you date. However, its bad if you over judge them. Nobody is perfect and its not necessary that what you have been thinking is all right. You may be judging people based on wrong criteria for marriage.

Sometimes it happens that the person in front of you is just perfect. But, you may be missing them out because of your this bad habit. So watch out!

You are super busy in your life

Its good to be busy in life. However, it bad if you are super busy for very long. We all have financial needs but sometimes we get so busy in this race that we forget that we have to get married also. Its very important that you maintain a healthy work-life balance.

It will take time to meet someone right and decide upon for marriage. Not everyone will be lucky to fall in love at first sight. So you will have to take some time out in order to break your single status.

You are not able to get through your “EGO”

Its good to be successful but marriage is not a competition. Burst your ego right away if you have this problem. Its one of the most common reasons amongst singles who want to get married. You need to pour love in your marriage and not ego. Look for the positive qualities in your partner. You never know that the person in front of you is a perfect fit. But, just because you have ego issues, you may be ignoring them.

You might be more successful, good looking or wealthier than the other person. But, having ego of all that is not right for marriage.

You are influenced by negative events

This is a serious problem too. It is possible that you have heard more negative about marriage than you should have. We see divorces and breakups amongst friends, family and in the society we live in. And, sometimes these unfortunate events lasts in our mind for very long. But, let me tell you that you don’t have to get influenced by these negative events.

We all have our journeys and destinies. And, sometimes they are not easy for some. It does not mean that the journey itself is bad. Everyone has a different story to write and yours is different. Focus on yours because you might be missing out all good.

Your past relationship is your major hurdle

Any kind of breakup is unfortunate. However, you can’t cry on this for life long. Its difficult to move on after divorces and breakups. But, you never know that better must be waiting for you already. Just forget your past and move on. Don’t let your bad relationship influence your good. Do not let your past influence your present and future. Whats gone has gone already. Do not punish yourself by staying single again.

Final thoughts:

Overcome these obstacles and you shall find yourself in completely new world. It is said that marriages are made in heaven and they truly are if you believe in it. Do not force yourself for staying single for very long. Its good to be with soulmate for lifetime and share joys and sorrows together. The world is mix of both good and bad people. Its good to be single for some time till you find the right one. But, do not make it too late or forever single!


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