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8 Types of Girlfriends You Should Break Up With

Updated on June 21, 2017
Agathe L profile image

Agathe has an interest in the way people form a relationships and how attraction between two people happens. Stay tune for more.

Okay, girlfriend is awesome. But staying in a toxic relationship? Not so. In fact, you should steer clear from it. Single life can be awesome too. Perhaps, you’ll get a chance with a better girl. What’s the point of making you suffer? She is not the only one anyway. But it’s your choice if you want to stay in the relationship. But you only live once so isn’t it better to enjoy life? Some of you are probably considering to break up with your girl, but you aren’t sure. Well, if your girlfriend is any of these, it might be good to consider breaking up. In the end, the choice is up to you!

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1. The Controlling Girlfriend Who Won’t Let You Enjoy Your Life

Okay, at first, everything’s perfectly fine. She is nice – all sunshine and everything. Months go on and you find yourself stuck with her. She suddenly forbids you to do stuff. Simple stuffs like hanging out with your friends on weekends. You’re forbidden to meet your parents. You’re supposed to go straight home after work. You must do every activity including her. It’s terrible but if you don’t listen, she will get mad. Let me tell you one thing. You don’t want a woman telling you what to do your whole life. It’s understandable if she forbids you to do stuff that danger you. But if she is controlling with no reason? You better back out. Well, if you are the type of person that has the ‘your girlfriend is everything’ principle then I’d say go for it. By the way, if you break her trust, I’m not surprised that she turns controlling. If that is the case, then it’s your fault to begin with.

2. That Clingy Woman Who Stuck To You 24/7

We all know that couple who is always together, 24/7. Whenever you hang out with bros, she is always there. Like, it’s supposed to be guys’ night out. Is that so hard to leave your girl? Well, some girls want to do everything together but still, everyone needs their space. You can’t be together 24/7. You should be concerned with how little your girlfriend puts her trust in you. You should also be concerned with the fact your girlfriend doesn’t have a life outside of you.

3. Ms. Unfaithful

We are more familiar with the idea that man cheats more often – what with their hormones and all. But don’t generalize! Women cheat as well. It’s not only men. I often see women who cheat on their partners. Okay, she is unhappy in a relationship but that doesn’t mean she can go have an affair with someone else. In a relationship, you’re supposed to figure things out. Also, do I need to say more? If she cheats on you then just leave. She’s not worth your time. Of course, forgiving her is an option but someone who cheats is most likely to do it again.

4. The Girlfriend Who Consider You To Be The Alternative

She says she loves you. But then she says she wants to break up. It’s an on and off relationship. Whenever she has no one, she looks for you. When she’s out there, having the time of her life? She doesn’t even remember you. It’s an on and off relationship. You just keep coming back whenever she says she wants you back. You don’t even know why. Well, you know what? Don’t go back. You’re just an alternative when everything goes wrong.

5. The Materialistic Girlfriend

I’m pretty sure the gold digger is the one you should break up with. First of all, you’ll be broke in no time. Second of all, she doesn’t love you, tops. This type of a girl is only after your money. She loves your money and she knows fully well how to control you. You always give her everything because you love her. She relies on you financially. When she asks you for that new Channel bag, you buy it without hesitation. You’re afraid she will leave you if you don’t. Well, imagine if there’s a guy with more money than you. I’m pretty sure she’ll break up with you without second thoughts. She doesn’t love you. Relationships are about finding the one you love, right? What’s the point if she doesn’t even love you? In a relationship, there must be a give and take. The girl should also contribute something to the relationship – not you alone.

6. The Drama Queen

She’s always, always overreacting. It’s a petty matter but she just won’t stop complaining and rolling her eyes at every single thing. She’s always complaining about this and that. She won’t stop gossiping about this one girl he doesn’t even know. Her life is full of drama – way too much drama than you can handle. If you can handle the drama, I’d say go for it.

7. The Overly Jealous Girlfriend

Jealousy can be cute but when it’s too much? It’s just plain annoying. “Where are you right now?” She’d ask, followed with a, “Send me a pic.” When you talked with some random girl, somehow she knew. You didn’t even know how. It’s not even a big deal. It’s just a casual chat. When you’re assigned a project with your coworker who is a woman, she gets mad. It’s not like you can control it. Anyway, she gets jealous way too often. Well, try talking things out or you can break up. Isn’t it annoying to be controlled by someone? The choice is up to you though.

8. The Abusive Girlfriend

Wait, an abusive girlfriend? Yes, it can happen. Nope, it doesn’t mean the man is weaker. It means the man is a gentleman who won’t hurt his lady. The abusive girlfriend is abusive, both emotionally and physically. She makes you feel miserable by insulting you often. She makes fun of you whenever you do something wrong. It’s not done in a joking way. She’s sneering at you. Also, she blames you for everything. When you try to confront her about something, somehow you become the one who’s wrong. She’s good at getting the sympathy of others as well. Oh, and sometimes she hits you when she’s too frustrated. She’s also good at manipulating others and she’s probably manipulating you too. Well, if your girlfriend acts like this, you better break up with her. You deserve someone better.

Ultimately, it’s the guy’s choice to stay in a relationship or not. But if your girlfriend falls under the category of the above, it’s better to break it off. In the end though, who am I to judge? By the way, if you are interested with the male’s version, you can check out my other article.

So, there you go! Is your girlfriend any of these? No? Yes?

Is your girlfriend any of these?

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    • Agathe L profile image

      Agathe L 10 months ago

      Oh yes, forgot to add that to the list!

      True, in the end the choice is up to them. Some people love the people who make them suffer, they just can't un-love them for some reasons. Well, I certainly wouldn't want to love anyone who treats me like I'm ordinary! Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 10 months ago

      And any girlfriend who says: "A (real man) would...etc"

      Clearly that is a statement used by someone looking to manipulate you by insulting your male ego essentially saying you're not a "real man" unless you do what (she) wants.

      However as you noted: "In the end, the choice is up to you!"

      Whatever "deal breaker" you or I could come up with there are guys and women living under those conditions who have no plans of ever leaving! Life is a (personal) journey!

      Some people would rather have a mate to complain about than to not have a mate at all. They hate the idea of "starting over".

      There are others who would put up with anything if she is "hot".

      "Never love anyone who treats you like you're ordinary."

      - Oscar Wilde