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9 Romantic Signs of Attraction That Will Make You Know He or She Likes You

Updated on April 27, 2018

Romantic Signs of Attraction

Romantic signs of attraction: the person will smile at you often
Romantic signs of attraction: the person will smile at you often


Do you want to know the romantic signs of attraction that will help you to know whether a man or a woman is interested in you and may want to have a romantic relationship with you?

Then, you will have to watch the body language of the person closely when he or she is around you. Furthermore, you will have to pay close attention to how the person behaves when he or she is in your company.

Let us take a look at some of the signs that will tell you that someone is attracted to you.

His or Her Face Can Tell You

The look on a person’s face can tell you if he or she desires to get involved with you romantically.

  • A man or woman who is attracted to you will smile whenever he sees you or when he meets you in class or in the office. This smile will stay on his or her face for a long period of time. Furthermore, he or she may smile intermittently when there is nothing to smile about, for example when you are having a conversation and you have not said something witty.
  • Consider the smile. Is the man or woman smiling with his or her whole face and does he show that he is pleased at you? If he or she smiles and looks pleased, then they are into you. On the other hand, if the person smiles with only his or her mouth, then they may not be attracted to you.
  • In addition, he or she may wink at you often to show you that he feels comfortable with you.
  • Another thing the person may do is raise his or her eyebrows to tell you that, “Hey! I think you are an attractive person and I like you!”
  • He or she may search your face to find out if you see that he or she is attracted to you, or to see if he or she can find any clue there to tell him or her that you also find them attractive.

The Eyes Can Tell You

Another one of the romantic signs of interest is the way a man or woman who is interested in you will look at you.

  • A guy or woman who is attracted to you will lock eyes with you often, especially when you are in private space where many people are not present. He or she may do that because they want to admire your body which they may find appealing.
  • When he or she looks into your eyes deeply for about a minute or two, then he or she is attracted to you. Looking deeply into your eyes is a way of encouraging you to keep on communicating because the person wants to feel that there is a bond between the two of you.
  • Alternatively, the guy or woman may look at you for a few seconds to try to get your attention. When you look back at him or her, the person will look away with a smile on his or her face.
  • In addition, the person who has some romantic feelings for you may smile in addition looking into your eyes, showing that he or she is comfortable in your presence.

The Person Tilts His or Her Head

If you are having a conversation with a man or a woman and you notice that he or she has tilted his or her head slightly, it shows that the person is enjoying what you are saying. He or she is showing you by that action that they trust you, which is a sign that he or she may be attracted to you. Furthermore, it shows that the person finds whatever you are saying engaging and worth listening.

Furthermore, if a man or woman overly tilts his or her head when you are close to him or her, it is a sign that the person wants to flirt, and that should tell you that the person is attracted to you romantically.

He Or She Will Touch You Often

Someone who is attracted to you will make physical contact often
Someone who is attracted to you will make physical contact often

The Person Will Love to Touch You

You will notice that the person will touch you, especially on your arm or on your back. Furthermore, you will see that the touch gives the person pleasure—he or she will smile or laugh whilst touching you, or start speaking in a visibly excited tone.

Some people will feign losing balance so that in your attempt to support him or her, you will touch them. Others find excuses to put their arms around your waist or to hold your hand so that they will feel close to you and feel that they are making a connection with you.

A person who likes you a lot touches you because he or she wants to be a part of you by making physical connection, and also wants to feel you are also a part of them physically. It makes them feel closer to you emotionally.

He or She Will Always Want to Be Close

A person who is attracted to you will do his or her best to close down the space between the two of you because he or she feels comfortable to be near you. Consequently, whenever you move and the space between the two of you increases, you will see that the person will also shift his or her position in order to narrow the space again. If there are other people around, he or she will make sure they are always closer to you than the other people.

He or she will lean in towards you to signal to you that they are enjoying what you are saying or doing. The person does this so that you will see that you are special to him or her. Furthermore, it indicates that he or she cherishes you as a person and so desires to be close to you.

His or her feet will point in your direction and his or her whole body will also point in your direction so that you will know that he wants to give you full attention because he or she finds your personality captivating. On the other hand, when someone is talking to you or is near you and his or her feet are turned away from you, they are telling you that they are not captivated by your personality and so may not be attracted to you.

The Person Juts the Chest Out

A man who has the habit of extending his chest outwards whenever he sees you, or a woman who juts out her bosom when she sees you, is telling you that he or she wants you to see how masculine or feminine they are, or how attractive they are. It is a sort of invitation saying, “I like you. And look how great I look! I have something to offer you! Don’t you want me?”

The Person Listens To You

If someone is attracted to you, they listen to you intently
If someone is attracted to you, they listen to you intently

The Person Listens to You Intently

One of the romantic signs of obsession is the intensity with which he or she will pay attention to your words. Anyone who feels attracted to you romantically will listen to you with rapt attention when you are saying something to him or her. The person will look at you keenly and watch you with an intent expression of admiration written all over his or her face.

If the person is contributing to the chat, he or she may keep quiet at some point and look lost in thought because he or she may be building castles in the air about a possible relationship, or because they want to drink your words, which they will find more precious than anything else at that moment.

The Man or Woman Mimics You

Do you see that when you gesture in a certain manner, the guy or woman repeats those same gestures? Does this guy or woman copy your facial expressions and your body language? If he or she does, it means he or she likes you and wants to be like you. There is surely romantic attraction in there!

Romantic Signs of Attraction

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Pretends to Like Something Because You Like It

You know Kofi hates cooking. Yet, when you ask him to help you cook, he shows false interest and seems excited and responds positively to the request. That is one of the romantic signs of attraction—a man or woman who feels attracted to you will enjoy being in your presence so much that he or she will accept doing what he or she hates if that will give him or her the opportunity to be near you.


These are some romantic signs of attraction that will make you know that a man or woman likes you. If you see that the person is attracted to you, and you also like him or her, get rid of any mental inhibitions, gather courage, and make the person know that you are also interested in a relationship.

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    • Dr Pran Rangan profile image

      Dr Pran Rangan 

      13 months ago from Kanpur (UP), India

      Thanks for the article. Well written with elaborate details.


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