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A Bachelor's Guide on How to Choose the Best GIA Diamond Engagement Ring

Updated on December 24, 2009

Fellow bachelors, as we go through our lives, we men will have to ask a lot of questions. One of the toughest questions that we will ever ask is the cliché, “Will you marry me?”. However, this is a question that most of us would likely be asking if we want to be with the woman that we would like to spend our lives with.

There will come a time that we must give up the joys of bachelor living so that we can experience the joys of living a married life. We will be surrendering our freedom for late night-outs, clothes on floors and other stuffs that we can only enjoy during our single life. I for one will not easily give up these perks. However, long-time married friends of mine all tell me that the trade is really well-worth it. So, with this in mind, I am already preparing myself to ask my special someone to marry me in the not-so-distant future.

I have seen a number of bad proposals on YouTube to be aware of what not to do when proposing and I have taken mental notes on these. However, I am still short of the one sure thing that can make my proposal a successful one. I am still in search for the best GIA certified diamond engagement ring that I can afford.

Now there are a number of you who is asking yourselves this question, “Why does it need to be a diamond engagement ring?”. The answer to this is quite obvious. There is no other gemstone in the world that can effectively symbolize a marriage proposal better than a diamond. A proposal for marriage is a promise to out would-be-brides that we will love them forever. Since a diamond lasts forever; it is the best gemstone to use.

The only problem with diamonds is that they are really expensive. Some of you will be lucky enough to have been given engagement rings heirlooms from your parents or grandparents. However, for a lot of bachelors out there that need to shop for that perfect diamond engagement ring, here is a short list of what to look for:

The Four C’s of Diamonds

The Cut. When you are talking about a diamond’s cut, you are actually referring to how the diamond was processed. This includes how the diamond was literally cut into its shape, how it was polished, and how symmetrical and proportioned it turned out to be. A good rule to follow when choosing an engagement ring based on the diamond’s cut is to look at its brilliance. A better cut diamond engagement ring will reflect and refract more light causing it to look more brilliant than others.

The Color. When shopping for a diamond engagement ring, you might be asked to choose from diamonds with a D to Z rating. These letter grades are actually used to classify the diamonds according to their color grade. When a diamond is pure, it will be more colorless (transparent) and will be given a D rating. The more impurities that are found within the gemstone will cause the letter rating to drop down the alphabet.

The Clarity. We should also consider the amount of scratches and impurities that are found on the diamond’s surfaces or within the diamond itself. This refers to the stone’s clarity. If there are many impurities such as carbon deposits, or micro-scratches found within the diamond, the stone is said to be flawed. Pure and unscratched diamonds or flawless diamonds are extremely rare and therefore will be more expensive than others.

The Carat. Probably the ultimate criterion for choosing a diamond engagement ring will be its carat. This refers to how heavy a diamond is. The heavier the diamond is, the more expensive the price of the diamond will be.

Basically, there are four C’s, as stated above, to consider when choosing the best diamond engagement ring in the market. However, I would like to add an important C to the equation. It is the certificate. The GIA or Gemological Institute of America makes sure that diamonds are of the best quality. Having a diamond certified by GIA will add to the diamond’s overall value.

So there you are my fellow bachelors! Now that you know a little more about how to choose the best GIA certified diamond engagement ring out there, you will now have more time to think about other issues about switching from bachelor to married life.


A diamond engagement ring is the true promise of love.
A diamond engagement ring is the true promise of love.
The better the cut, the better the diamond's brilliance.
The better the cut, the better the diamond's brilliance.
Engagement rings can be customized to fit with a wedding band.
Engagement rings can be customized to fit with a wedding band.


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    • Peejay Lontoc profile image

      Peejay Lontoc 6 years ago

      Thanks for reading and commenting on this hub. I hope to come up with more informative hubs relating to this topic.

    • diamond4you profile image

      diamond4you 6 years ago from los angeles,California

      Very informative hub. I am glad to read this hub.