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A Beach Wedding

Updated on October 16, 2011

Wedding On The Beach

Are you longing to have a romantic beach wedding either here in Australia or a tropical beach wedding overseas rather than the traditional wedding inside a building ?

Would you rather a more relaxing wedding than going overboard like many do and be stressed out ?

A beach wedding feels so much more fun and relaxing and It is an amazing feeling turning up to a beach on a sunny day for your wedding especially as we were married on a monday morning with not many guests while everyone else was at work .

I was able to organise be picked up in a convertable from where I got my hair & make up done  and had fun arriving at our chosen spot standing up in the convertable once off the roads..

On such a special day I was so happy that the rain stayed away & the sun shone for us even tho we did have a back up for in case the weather did turn which is one of the most important things to make sure you have .

Our back up was right by the beach anyway so we still would have had the beach in the background as well as in the photos !

We had chilled wine & snacks for straight after the short service.

The restaurant was right by us for our wedding lunch & we were able to leave for our honeymoon hotel nice and early feeling relaxed & happy.

Beach Wedding Broome

Great spot for a wedding !
Great spot for a wedding !

Beach Wedding

Barefoot on the beach
Barefoot on the beach

Budget Wedding Ideas

Even though i was getting married on the beach as well as it being my 2nd wedding i still wanted to wear a white dress .

This doesn't have to be expensive as I bought mine new in a big reduction sale for under $100.

Photography can be expensive however I advertised for someone to take our Photos with my

camera ( had the ride in the convertable included ) for under $100.

If you have a family member or a friend who is into photography why not suggest they do your wedding photo's as your wedding present .

Have a relative do the same with your flowers etc.

The beach was free and we had to pay for the service which was our biggest cost at $300.

We had a meal at the restaurant & wine ,We had bought a bunch of flowers .

Altogether our wedding( not including rings )would have been under $1000 .

It was what I wanted and I loved it , however you will most likely have more guests than us .

You could pay a caterer to come to the beach and do a barbecue  or have platters made up.

A beach Wedding is Romantic !

Beach wedding Song

Have A Beach Wedding Breakfast

If you are keen to be different for your wedding why not get married at sunrise and have a breakfast instead .

This will save a fortune on a big meal & alcohol and give you the rest of the day to go off for your honeymoon rather than being exhausted at the end of a day.

Have Platters of fruit ,

 Croissants , ,

 Breadsticks with salmon , tomato & onion

Bacon & egg frittatas

 etc organised for guests as well as fruit juices to drink .

you can still wear a white dress & nice jewellery , however it is a more relaxed & less stressful way to have a wedding.

Budget Wedding

If you are really keen to get married then why wait until you have saved a fortune to go ahead when it is all over in a few hours & you can have a romantic wedding at a fraction of the cost .

There is no need to pay someone a fortune to plan your day for you if you are keen to cut costs .

Advertise for someone to do the things your friends and family cannot help you with .

You can have a cake made at a local bakery at a reasonable price these days.

The main things is that

The 2 of you are in love

There is someone who is legally able to perform the wedding service

You both look nice for each other

Have the wedding rings close by

A photographer gets great photo's of the event

and you have a nice day !

Ideally you will have a wedding meal and wedding cake to enjoy with family & friends.

Budget Honeymoon

 After the Wedding you will be wanting to head off for your romantic honeymoon either at a beachside resort , maybe a country retreat all depending on your tastes .

You might love camping and love the idea of cuddling up beside a campfire roasting marshmallows .

The main thing is that the 2 of you spend time together wherever you are .

If you say you are on your honeymoon when booking a hotel you could find yourself with a welcome bottle of wine & chocolates like we did on our wedding night as well as our honeymoon cruise so always mention that it is your wedding night or honeymoon when making a booking.

Save on your Honeymoon Resort

Join now and have a great honeymoon at a low cost !
Join now and have a great honeymoon at a low cost !


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