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Updated on March 14, 2011

Every life has its own ups and downs and when you have no one to turn to you just found yourself scribbling, writing a letter to yourself.

Dear Self,

I am just glad that you didn't give up and let yourself be drown in the sea. For thirty (30) years life hasn't been good to you. There are times that you wanted to take your own life because you can no longer take it anymore but suddenly you realize that your father and brother need you.

Your prayed so hard to God Almighty to give you a sign that there is still hope and a chance for you to smile and be happy again..

And now He had answered your prayer slowly, and now your smiling and have a life to look forward with so much hope and dreams.

Thank you for being so strong.... those tears you have shed are memories you can look back and proof how sturdy you are in facing all of these challenges..

God wouldn't give you challenges that you can't take and those challenges are already ended.. It is time for you to move on..




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      ela 8 years ago

      Hey Swetti, you are deep... you have it now.the things that u've been searching and dreaming... claim it now and don't live in the past nor make the sad things be the background of your thought.... You are lovely and deserved to be loved and be happy..... I see you the star shining at you CHEERS...LUV U :d