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A Loud Boss, Burned Waffles and a Yakking Busybody

Updated on February 5, 2019
kenneth avery profile image

I was born in the south. I live in the south and will die in the south. This is only a small part of the memories I share.

Newlywed husbands, if you see your Newlywed wife make this face--my advice to you is  KEEP YOUR MOUTH ShUT!
Newlywed husbands, if you see your Newlywed wife make this face--my advice to you is KEEP YOUR MOUTH ShUT! | Source

The Perfect Day Defined

is easy. Sleeping until 10 a.m., drinking a few cups of your favorite coffee, a long, passionate kiss from the wife as you leave for work and your boss telling you about that hefty raise that you will see in your next paycheck.

Stop. I will not write anymore until "that" dream that I just created, leaves you.

Wasn't that mind-blowing? I thought that you'd enjoy that. After all, I did not want to depress anyone, but believe me, I could. But I won't.

The Awful Day Defined

is tough. Over-sleeping past 9 a.m., you forgot to put coffee in your coffeemaker the night before, a glaring look from the wife because you didn't wake her up (when you both were to awaken at 7 a.m.) and your boss who threatens you with termination the moment you reach your office.

Okay. Both (of the above) are so, so exaggerated. But how would you like to have A Loud Boss, Burned Waffles and a Yakking Busybody? What, no takers? Or could it be that you are either headed for day such as this or heading from one when you got home this evening--one of the two. I know. I've experienced both.

The way that I have learned (over the years) to cope with those “bad” times at home and work, might shock you. I will reveal the simple answer to you at the end of this hub which I will ask you right now . . .do not laugh so hard that will burst the stitches (if you have had surgery), just a simple guffaw will suffice.

If You Have Only Experienced The Good Days,

I’m sorry. And I point this statement to all of the are headed for the shock of your young, married lives. And newlywed-wife and husband, you will cut into each other and say the ugliest words ever imagined simply because a set of circumstances that (you cannot control) either started off your Good day or ended your Good day with a horrible fight, an upset stomach, or being fired.

I know.I have heard most of the self-analytic jargon that is out there on the market—made to help the human beings with these problems that are all too human, so I will make you wait (and read this hub) and then come away with the answer and come away a learned person and more importantly, Happier person.

Let me, if I may, give you some Examples of what I have been talking about and really, I did not mean to chat-away our time, when I sincerely-meant to be a help to you.

A Loud Boss

When faced with your boss with a loud mouth and sharp tongue, do not try to “heal,”the problem all at once. Calm down. Keep the mouth shut. Let the loud mouth run his/her mouth and I promise, analytically-speaking, it is like a forest fire when left alone, wiill burn itself out. So will the loud mouth boss when he runs out of derogatory words and phrases on or about you—and do not take this personal.

Burned Waffles

is tough, but not insurmountable. Your morning waffles are burned, so what? Newlywed wives who did not learn how to cook, do not let your young, newlywed husband hurt your feelings when he looks a hole into you and makes a face when he takes a bite of those burned waffles, besides, newlywed husband, you have a cabinet full of cereal, so shut up and let the newlywed wife off the hook and eat some wheat something or other.

The Yakking Busybody

is annoying, but not enough for you to be sued (by the busybody) for slugging them (in public) by taking a bite of professionally-cooked waffles (sorry, newly wives) waffles then realizes that they were too hot and the yakking busybody had your arrested for assault and now is suing you for tons of money . . .do not fret. If the busybody, first try the humble approach. Offer to apologize to them plus offer them some cash and if these ideas don’t work . . .get a good lawyer.

And learn to use the drive-thru.

February 5, 2019__________________________________________

This is a FOOLISH Newlywed Husband who has opened his mouth to try and win an argument with his Newlywed Wife.
This is a FOOLISH Newlywed Husband who has opened his mouth to try and win an argument with his Newlywed Wife. | Source

© 2019 Kenneth Avery


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