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'See You Tomorrow' - a Poem About Longing + Love

Updated on November 7, 2020

'See You Tomorrow' (À Demain)

Whether the woman has broken off the relationship, or the man, it can be a painful time to cope with the loss.

Instead of ending the relationship on a sour note, why not try to win him/her back with a Love Letter!

At the very least, let him/her know your innermost feelings. What do you have to lose? Get personal!

This is a love letter (sent by mail, not a text) to the person who broke up with them.

Some people may think it's old-fashioned to sit and write a note. I say no, it's a personal way of expressing your true feelings and a great way to practice your penmanship (remember that?).

This poem is titled "See You Tomorrow" or "À Demain" in French. Is there a tomorrow for you two as a couple? Is it worth working out your differences?

Communication is the best way to identify the bumps in the road and be able to agree to stay together or say goodbye.

The Romeo & Juliet Syndrome

The Romeo & Juliet syndrome (or effect) is when you 'think' you're in love so much that you would die for one another, especially when your parents disapprove of the relationship.

But what if after a romance goes south, and one person wants to end the relationship?

The other person is still in love, but (says) they understand and respect your decision.

This is a love letter written from the heart.

As it is said that love has no boundaries, people from all age groups can probably relate to this poem today. It may indeed remind someone of a relationship when they were young. It can certainly ignite the love you may have had for someone at one time.

Classical painting of Romeo & Juliet kissing
Classical painting of Romeo & Juliet kissing | Source

'À Demain' ('Tomorrow') The Poem

You will always be on my mind

As long as there is life in my soul.

I'll never forget you

I'll never try.

As time ticks away the hours of my clock

I'll remember laughing, smiling, crying.

You will be there.

And now I sit watching the clouds

Thinking of you.

Like people looking for a true love

I'll laugh and say:

I found mine.

You were always there when I cried help

And I thank you from my heart.

May your goodness be protected

As you walk through life,

And the angels from above protect you

And keep you from all harm.

If there were more [people] like you on this earth,

Then life would really be worth living.

And so as I close this final chapter of my life

And turn towards the corridor of 'tomorrow'

I'll say à demain.

There are countless stories of people who have searched for loved ones from the past, only to discover they had moved on to other relationships or had even passed away.

You may have regrets as an adult and wonder why you never really reconciled the situation. Maybe you were the one at fault, or maybe both of you.

Instead of wondering 'what could have been?' be the bigger person and send them a letter. You won't regret it.

In the words of British poet, Alfred Lord Tennyson, 'Tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all.'

I hope this poem brings you and your loved ones some consolation.

Did you ever still love someone even after breaking up?

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