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A Man In Panties

Updated on April 15, 2009
My first panties only they were a darker, bolder purple. (Hanes Her Way Cotton Bikini)
My first panties only they were a darker, bolder purple. (Hanes Her Way Cotton Bikini)
One of my favorite panties. (Olga Secret Hug Nylon Scoop Hipster)
One of my favorite panties. (Olga Secret Hug Nylon Scoop Hipster)

My First Experience

I've been an admirer of lingerie since I was a kid. I used to look through the lingerie catalogues that came in the mail. I'd check out the ladies in the catalogue but I would also pick out lingerie that I particularly liked, wondering how it would feel when I put it on. At the time, I knew I wasn't going to be able to get any of the lingerie in the catalogue, or any lingerie for that matter. Of course that all changed later on down the road.

My first experience with any kind of lingerie was with panties, as I'm sure is the case for a lot of guys like me. I was outside playing when I spotted a pair of panties on the side of the road. It was a purple cotton bikini (Hanes Her Way) and I could tell they hadn't been lying there for long. When I saw them, I got curious and wanted to try them on so later on when I knew I'd be by myself, I walked down the street and grabbed them. When I got home, I made sure I washed them before I tried them on and did so in the sink in my bathroom. I waited a while for them to dry but after a while I couldn't wait any longer and I tried them on. I loved the way they felt. They fit me pretty well and I couldn't help but think that I had actually put on a pair of panties, purple ones at that. That's when it all started for me. Not long after that, I got caught with them but not with them on. My mom knew I was up to something and wanted to talk to me about it. So I lied as to why I had the panties, shouldn't have, and of course she didn't buy it. But she didn't question me any further about it and threw them away.

Some years after that is when I started looking at the catalogues. I got caught just looking at one and my brother blew the whole thing way out of proportion and told everybody he could tell and I mean anybody. I really was only looking at it and he told everybody he could that I was "doing stuff" with myself (keeping it G-rated). At that point I knew I couldn't say a word about me having worn panties and even wanting to wear it still. It took me a few years to turn that whole story around and believe me, it was a pain. For years I kept quiet about it and felt that nobody could possibly be into this sort of thing (until recently of course).

In my next hub, I'll write some more on this topic and my first experience with a bra. Leave some comments and thank you for reading.


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    • robin48 profile image

      robin48 5 years ago

      I love panties ,lingerie ..all

      Wife took me shopping atJC Penny..She is OK with it

      I started with sisters panties and became more intnse in last 20 over 50

    • profile image

      Thierry 6 years ago

      I am wearing panties every days.

      I sarted when I was very young : unfortunately, my parents were so poor my mother decided to buy the same panties for me and my sister (we are twin). It was cheaper for them.

    • profile image

      Mike 6 years ago

      I was probalby 6 or 7 years old and my sister put some panties on me. I got an instant hard on--not for my sister at all but for the fact that I was wearing a girls panty. I am 46 now and have a couple of hundred pairs of them. I see a hipster or low rise brief in lace and it's over--I must buy. One reason is that a particular style will go out of production and I know this and must stock up. I thought that I might be a transgender candidate but am happy being a guy. Maybe in the next life. That would be nice to be a woman in the next life. As for this one, I am a man who fantasizes heavily. I go hunting, deep sea fishing,and bass fishing on my bass boat too. I occasionally get tired of being a man but that's the way it goes. I wear bras and full slips once in a while. After masterbation I don't feel too moved in wearing anything. An hour later I'll put the panty on. I love to wear a nylon brief/hipster with lace on the waist and legs for my sleep wear. I tried wearing nightgowns when I was single but don't anymore since being with my soon to be wife. We've been together for 16 years and has grown accustomed to my panty wearing. She has been really nice about it. You can be a real man that is tough and also soft and quite feminine without being transgender. It's OK. Embrace it and if you have to hide it do so. It's your life. I got arrested in my panties and the California Orange County sherrifs dept. put me out in the open as all of the jail workers (including women clerks) gaulked at me. They laughed and I went home and had a little depression over the whole deal. A couple days later I had to buy more.(They conficated about 30 pairs and took all of them from me) I think that is another reason that I have about 200 pairs of panties. To show the cops up.

    • profile image

      sissychuck44 7 years ago

      i've been wearing panties since i was 13 or 14. i started wearing them every day since about 20 years ago. i would never wear anything else but panties. that's who I am and I love wearing them. i could never go back to wearing boring tighty whities at all.

    • profile image

      Sherman 7 years ago

      I appreciate your hub. I have read it several times. I wish we could attract more attention and discussion to this matter of men preferring better feeling and looking underwear. Real men confidently wear panties--as well as other lingerie. I notice how many males contribute product evaluations on major department store webpages for women's lingerie they purchase and personally enjoy wearing. In broadcasting as well as advertising there is a principle that every person who vocalizes a response represents a great many more who agree yet say nothing. I believe we are seeing the emergence of a strong and irreversible trend. Let it happen!

    • profile image

      Sherman 7 years ago

      ILoveLingerie: So do I -- and there are very likely thousands like us. Note the quality comments on lingerie items found on websites like macys, amazon, etc, as well as in these hubpages. I'm sure these represent many more males who never post a comment.

      I would encourage you be comfortable in lingerie as much as you can. I started occasionally. Now I appreciate the comfort of panties, camisoles, pettipants, or slips daily and once in a while a bra . Enjoy!

      I hope more men post their experience on these hubs.

    • profile image

      GILLIAN 7 years ago

      It has been estimated that 2 out of every 50 men will be wearing, or has worn ladies attire at some time or another in their lives. That is actually thousands of men who are wearing panties and ladies lingerie right now....Isn't that amazing?

      astonishing actually!

      At that rate it seems it will soon be quite normal and not a closet occupation.

    • wsp2469 profile image

      wsp2469 8 years ago from Alta Loma, Ca

      If I am dating a woman who wants me to wear panties I will do so. It's not a big deal. Unfortunately, I find the outside of the panties always feels nicer than the inside.

      By the way, does wearing them over your face complete with a leather ball gag while a woman online makes you do things and then take pictures count as well?

    • profile image

      iwhcpanties 8 years ago

      Great hub! I am a 52 year old guy who loves to wear lingerie!

    • profile image

      Anthony 8 years ago

      I first tried panties on when we as kids had a pantie raid on clothes lines as kids.I think I was 12 or 13.They were bikini nylon panties.I Loved the clean fresh outdoor clothes line smell and of coarse they fit wonderful.They felt even better.I was hooked from that time on.I just wish the rest of the world would relax with judging evryone and everything that is different from the norm.Whatever that really is:}Yes I Love my bikini nylon panties:}

    • profile image

      Bill 8 years ago

      As a guy I love to wear panties and have for most my life. It’s a private and person thing. I will only share it with my wife or in a setting as this.

    • profile image

      pantyguy 8 years ago

      That's how I got started,,, looking in catalogs,womens mags etc,,, it always gave me a feeling of arousal. My first g/f put hers on me as a joke when we were fooling around.Once she saw the effect they had on me ,she was hooked!!! She liked the feel of them on me,and loved how hard I got.

    • profile image

      ILoveLingerie 8 years ago

      Nice hub.

      I started wearing lingerie similar to you.

      It all started out of curiosity when I was like 14.

      I admired the lingerie inside of catalogues and commercials.

      Some day I decided to buy myself some panties. I bought a twinpack of white thongs (of the wrong size unfortunately).

      When I tried them on I really liked the feeling and looks but I also wanted the right size so I bought another twinpack in the right size a week later.

      Of course I felt kinda bad about that I like wearing women's underwear and thought I was the only one.

      fast forward.

      But then like some months ago (I'm 21 now) I decided to do a little search on the internet on the topic and found Hope's hub.

      That changed my view on the topic but I still can't tell anybody about it.

      I think my mother knows or suspects something at least though.

      My sister also found my stash at one point when I was younger but of course I lied about it and got out of the situation :~|

      I'd like to wear lingerie more but I can't. I also automatically get an erection while wearing lingerie which is not helping...

      Anyway, looking forward to read more from you