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A Man's First Panties

Updated on October 21, 2009
Were panties the secret to Mr Happy's happiness?
Were panties the secret to Mr Happy's happiness?

A man's first panties are special. Most men who wear panties can clearly remember the first pair of panties they tried on, and the first pair of panties they bought. Though many panties will come and go over a man's lifetime, those first panties will always have a special place in his heart and oftentimes, in his lingerie drawer.

The very first panties a man wears are usually purloined or unofficially borrowed. Sisters, mothers and girlfriends are all prime targets.Those first panties will be hidden away with great stealth, though are all too often found by family members, at which time an embarrassing scene ensues. Morality and inconvenience will eventually conspire to force him out of the panty nest and into the big wide world where he must fend for himself and find his own lingerie.

The first panties a man buys will usually be bought remotely. In the old days, the Victoria's Secret catalog was a popular enabler of men's panty fantasies. Nowadays the Internet allows a man who wants to wear panties to purchase lingerie from an incredibly wide range of brands. Online shopping provides a safe, discreet means of purchasing quality panties, therefore it is a godsend for many men who like to secretly wear women's lingerie.

More than one man has posted a comment or mailed me with a story detailing the thrill of receiving a pair of panties in the mail. A brown envelope hiding the delicate deliciousness which resides inside is a special treat indeed. Slipping that pair of panties on feels like heaven, but beware, after placing the order, the wait for delivery is a sweet torture.

After a few successful (and occasionally unsuccessful in terms of sizing and styling) online purchases, some men pluck up the courage to go lingerie shopping in an actual lingerie store. Surprised by the lack or recrimination, unfriendly looks and screams of disapproval, these men quickly learn that many women (shop assistants included) don't mind men wearing lingerie at all. Whether he wants to pretend to buy for a girlfriend, or admits openly to buying it for himself, the reaction is surprisingly positive or at the very least, neutral.

A man's first panties are a celebration of his independence. Independence from social taboos which kept him out of panties for so long, and independence from his fears which likewise held him back.

So men, what where your first panties?

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    • profile image

      tactilicious 7 years ago

      I actually don't remember my first panties. I do remember trying some of my sister's swimsuit bottoms.The real thing for me was leotards and tights. Those I wore a lot, bought my first at sears around 1977. before that I wore my sister's, also her costumes from recitals, as long as they were leotards under it all. Still like 'em, great underwear other than the bathroom issue, bodysuits solve that. Pantywise, I have started wearing a lot of womens over the last 5 years, after discovering microfiber. Now I like Wacoal, with lace sides, they have a lot of designs like that. They fit a guy very well, and are beautiful on a woman.

    • profile image

      Sherman 7 years ago

      Trying to describe the pleasure of panties is like trying to describe a lot of other pleasures. Words are too often inadequate for describing truth and feelings.

      I started with bikinis which I discovered I had purchased one size too small yet enjoyed them. Imagine the enjoyment of the correct size. The I tried hi-cuts. Loved them too. I eventually tried a couple thongs which cupped me perfectly--better than those chafing jock straps of high school. Now I have more and wider variety of panties than my wife. I'm going to enjoy life from here on out--beginning with how I start dressing each day.

    • profile image

      Brian 8 years ago

      I still don't understand Why I love womens panties especially silk & satin full coverage panties.

      I have owned up to most of my girlfriends who loved to share their knickers with me & even used to buy me nice undies for Christmas & birthdays. Now I have found there are numerous internet sites, specialising in making & selling panties for men. So, Why the stigma ? If a man buys nice knickers for himself, surely they are "Men's Underwear?" Who Decides what is whose ? or whatever?

    • Dodi-blue profile image

      Dodi-blue 8 years ago

      Hi There Hope...

      I think your a smart person :) Im going through a lot of changes lately. One thing that has come out is that i have a passion for panties. I love a beautiful woman in sexy tiny panties, ofcourse I'm a man. Well I too have a nice body, I'm only 5'3 but I take care of my little me. Its the only one I have. So I dress nice, try to eat right, you know all that good stuff, no tatoos, no smoking, etc. thing is I have trouble finding clothes that fits right. Pants from boys dept. don't really work for me. Even the mens underwear fits just that one size too big and the boys spiderman shorts are one size too young. So where do I go? Panties!!! Yeaah! :D They fit perfect! even if they are tiny :) omg! i feel so sexy kinda like putting on a batman uniform (but in a different way) The power they have! Even batman would want to take off his uniform and into them... if you know what I mean ;)

      I am soo hooked on panties, I love them. Since a child I secretly have. Now I buy my very own. I'm not into that bra & gurdle & knickers whatever those are, just panties :) pretty, tiny, sexy, comfy, string bikini or thongs. I have a bunch... if you know what I mean ;) Been married & divorced twice, im single now so i wear them 24/7 its my business, my body, oh my... i love to wear them. I'm not gay but I'm still afraid to tell any girl I date. Reading your stories has helped me a lot. Thank you I'm not the only one. You don't judge me and call me a sissy because I'm not. I got nice muskels! Your awesome! I love you for that and I love my tiny little string bikini panties so much, I change pair 4 or 5 times a day. I told you I've been going through a lot of changes, if you know what I mean.

      Hope... you really don't think I'm a little off? I hope not.

      Bye now ;)

    • profile image

      mike 8 years ago

      My first panties were black satin and lace my wife asked me to try on for her on our honeymoon I did and you could see I loved it she took pictures and i was hooked satyed in panties all honey moon that was 35 years ago I now wear bras and other lingerie when ever i am home and panties 24/7

    • profile image

      Rob 8 years ago

      My first panties were also borrowed from my mother, white cotton ones. The first pair that were actually mine was a light blue thong I took from my cousin's drawer. Over time I managed to collect quite a few pairs of panties from here and other girls as well. I love the way they feel

    • profile image

      Newbie 8 years ago

      My first panties were I suspect, like many other men's, "borrowed" from my Mother. A very sexy and sweet pair of pretty pink panties with a lovely frilly lace trim. I fell in love with them immediately and just HAD to try them on - after which I couldn't take them off! This led to my first experience with a Bra etc, etc. Regettably those panties have been lost in the mists of time, but I will never forget them!

      Love and Kisses


    • profile image

      Scott 8 years ago

      The first panties that I had (not counting those borrowed from mom or sister..) was a pair of hanes her way hi cut panties I had gotten up the nerve to buy from target. This is after I had moved out on my own for college. I was so nervous picking them out and paying for them, but then I got home and put them on and was Mr. Happy Camper for the rest of that day ;)

    • profile image

      Ray 8 years ago

      I have been wearing panties for several years. In fact, I no longer wear mens underwear. Panties are more comfortable and feel better against my skin.

    • profile image

      Scott 8 years ago

      I remember it being my mothers bathing suit bottom hanging on the shower rod drying. Something drew me to them when I was taking a shower, so I put them on. For two weeks I wore them in the shower, mom could not figure out why they where still not dry.(mom knows now) Today I wear panties everyday, I do not owen any male underwear. I do wear a very mixed wardrobe of clothes when I go shopping, women's jeans, bras and blouses. I shop for all of my clothes and most sale personnel will be happy to help. I t started out as curiosity now it is a way life for me.

    • profile image

      threesweds 8 years ago

      Hope, my first panties were nylon briefs "borrowed" from an elementary school classmate who lived in my neighborhood. On wash day, I use to watch her mom hang her gorgeous panties out to dry. All day long, these panties of many colors and prints would blow in the wind. One day, in the darkness of the setting sun, I "borrowed" only one pair, hoping she and her mom would not realize it was missing. I cherished those nylon panties and even wore them to school. There I would be talking to her while wearing her panties. As i outgrew those panties, I evenually found other ways of getting panties, until I eventually went shopping for my own. Many years later, I still buy my own panties and other lingerie. My girlfriend and I even go shopping together with me wearing panties, a bra, and nylons under my male clothes. Sometimes, I'll wear thin white womens slacks and let my flowered panties show through while I'm with my girlfriend. What a rush!!! Hope, I love your hubs and wish more women were as understanding as you about our desire to wear womens lingerie.

    • profile image

      Mark 8 years ago

      First pair I wore was my sister's, when I was in my early teens, but I starting buying in my 40's. I remember admitting to a sales clerk that they were for me and she said "honey, I don't care who buys 'em or who wears 'em, as long as they buy 'em from me. If they fit, and you like 'em, I'll help you find some more!"

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 8 years ago

      Heh, SatinJenni, thou art legendary.... unfortunately my articles are not yet mandatory reading for all men who wear lingerie ;) so I suspect misunderstandings will come up from time to time.. great first panty story too :)

    • SatinJenni profile image

      SatinJenni 8 years ago from Burlington Ontario Canada

      Everybody in the world of "men wearing panties" knows that Hope Alexander is a woman...laughing at the previous commentator, maybe he should read some more of your articles Hope?

      My first pair of panties was stolen from a complete stranger who left her black bra and panty set on the clothesline...I jumped over the fence, into her back yard, and I was gone in a second. I often think of how ticked off she must have been once she came to realize they were gone.

      I worked in a department store and I would often borrow a pair or two on my way home in the evening...stupid I realize now, thank God technology (70's) wasn't as advanced as it is today.

      I recall vividly purchasing my first panties from a discount department store. They had a large "Panty Bin" for discounted panties I rifled through the bin and sellected three bikini panties in pink, blue and red. The cashier must have been a lady of about my age. The thrill of passing her my new panties and her smug smirk made me an addict just for the thrill of the panty shopping experience.

      Today I have graduated to full service interaction with the sales ladies. I believe it is a more accepted situation than was the case in previous years. Thank God for writers such as you Hope letting people every where understand, a man wearing panties is not really a bad thing. As for my first panty experiences, they remain forever branded in my psyche.

    • profile image

      GoneNylon 8 years ago


      My first panties were, as you suggest, not my own. They hung there on the shower curtain rod, air drying as any good delicates would. They were my mom's. They were decidedly UN-sexy to anyone save a young boy mesmerized by the fabric itself. They hung there with hosiery. Sooner, rather than later, the urge was overcoming and I tried both on. Washed hose have a different shape from worn hose. It's a physical thing, an elasticity thing. Mom never said a word, and, no matter how exhilarating, I reciprocated by never leaving any telltale clues.

      The first panties that belong to me, to Me, to ME? I was a sophomore in college heading home. Frustrated beyond comprehension, I worked up my courage, strode boldly into the lingerie department of the local K-Mart and, sweating bullets, awkwardly shopped, sure that at any moment horns, sirens, whistles and flashing lights were sure to go off. They didn't.

      After the initial terror wore off, I selected a pair of purple bikins, size 6, and a pair of black bikinis in the same size. They were different styles, but both had abundant lace, and a sweet little bow and the centre front waistband.

      Inspired, I wandered a bit more, and found a purple leotard. I found ballet pink tights. This was in an era when department stores still carried such things. I merrily moved through the aisles. I even went back to lingerie and went into that most forboding country: bras. I picked out a couple of likely looking candidates and headed to the register.

      When I drove home the next morning, I walked to the car in panties, leotard, bra and tights. I was scared out of my mind but also felt more free than I ever had in my scant twenty years. I had had an epiphany: No.One.Cared. Not even in a small college town.

      A hundred miles out, I stood in my leo and tights (bra and panties underneath), pumped gas, walked to the counter like nothing was out of the ordinary, paid for my gas, walked back to the car, got in and left. NO flying saucers followed me, nor black helicopters.

      Later in the day, I deigned to put sweats on over my tights as I stopped at a restaurant for lunch. I only too off my leo and tights as I arrived home, but left my bra and panties on. Only before bed did I take off my bra, assuming that's when the rest of the world took of her bra. I hid everything away, but know now that my mother knew all . . . and never said a word, trusting me to get things right for myself. I later found she'd laundered them for me, and returned them to my underwear drawer, with never a word.

      If I could draw, I could draw you a picture of both of those pairs of panties down to the last detail. They were, in their own way, cheap, but they were precious in ways I'm challenged even now to describe.

      Thanks for facilitating the memory, Hope.

    • AEvans profile image

      Julianna 8 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

      Hope this articles is hilarious, you brought them out of the closet and the truth is now known that men love panties period!!! I have heard of them raiding the drawers...lololol Thumbs up:)

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 8 years ago

      Awesome responses guys :) Thanks so much for your feedback, except you, man who thinks I'm a guy - that's just annoying. Don't make me come over there...

    • profile image

      DEKE 8 years ago

      I LOVE YOU

    • GetRhythm profile image

      GetRhythm 8 years ago

      My first panties I wore was a purple cotton bikini. The first panties I bought was a white cotton string bikini from VS.

    • profile image

      ILoveLingerie 8 years ago

      My first pair of panties were 2 white thongs bought at a supermarket, when I was like 14-15. I can't remember exactly when it was.

    • profile image

      Another Hope Fan 8 years ago


      I want so much to believe that you are the incredibly understanding and accepting women that you seem to be, but your complete and total understanding of the importance of a man's first pair of panties seems to come out of experience. Nevertheless, I am a grateful fan.

      I have been wearing panties for many, many years. I remember all the various brands and styles and when I wore them and where I purchased them, but I especially remember my first five pair.

      My first pair were taken from the younger sister of a boyhood friend. They were simple, white cotton breifs, but very naughty and exciting.

      The next two pair came from my cousin with whom I was first able to share my secret. Both pair were originally hers. They were nylon bikinis. One pair had a delicate floral pattern on a white background and the other pair had a bold and bright, multi-colored geometric print.

      The fourth and fifth pair were my prized possessions. They came from a friends' mother. Both pair were nylon hiphuggers. One pair was light peach and the other was light green. Each pair had slightly darker, scalloped trim around the waist and legs.

      Sadly, I threw those panties out during one of my attempts to give up panties. Fortunately, their memory will never fade.

      Another Hope Fan

    • profile image

      Wren 8 years ago

      I have to admit the first ones I remember buying were at Victorias Secret years ago,, a Red Bikini as I remember. I prefer to go to the store and shop for my panties. I believe Nordstroms to be the best place, the ladies are very helpful, offer some advice and allow you to try the items on before purchase. Helps to avoid a second trip to return the item.

      Keep up the Great Job Hope!

    • profile image

      Tim 8 years ago

      My first pair were My cousin's Black Wednesday panties from her day of the week collection left on the floor of the bathroom. I've been hooked ever since.

    • profile image

      jakkie 8 years ago

      My ex-wife made me wear a pair of her panties to work one day as punishment for something I did. After that day I was hooked. I hid my panty wearing from her out of fear of retaliation.

      Since she left I wear 24-7.

    • profile image

      Don Witten 8 years ago

      First pair of panties that I remember trying were my friend's sister's. She was 2 or 3 years older than us. There were probably 3 or 4 us at his house that night, drinking out of his parents liquor cabinet when were 15 or 16. She was out that night, I worked up the courage to sneak into her room and take a the first pair I saw which happened to be a black thong. It wasn't the most comfortable thing, but the feel of the material was nice. So I went back for a bikini and fell in love!!!!

    • profile image

      Nanciboy 8 years ago

      Didn't get interested until I was out of college and on my own. So mom's weren't an option and I didn't have any sisters or neighbors to 'borrow' from. My first pairs came from that source of information on what women wore under - Sears & Roebuck. The name I remember is VIP - Very Impressive Panty. All this circa mid '70s.