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A Meaningful Laughter

Updated on August 22, 2016

Laughter is a substitute for my whole being

..... it was those tears hidden behind

..... those fears always accompanying me

..... those heartaches I always had

..... those sufferings and embarrassments I always encountered

..... and still, a lot more that never showed up and keep deep inside, hidden beyond the shining clouds and upon my wishing star...

Yes! , that was an expression of a different me in the real sense of its meaning... But, that was before

..... when I still didn't know you

..... when I still didn't meet you

..... when I still didn't have you as a friend

..... when I still didn't have you to care for me

..... when I still didn't have you to Love me faithfully.

Laughter is a significant word for me now

..... it means happiness for those tears that you wipe away

..... it means being courageous for those fears to come

..... it gives mirth from heartaches that I suffered

..... it means strength for those obstacles that I'll encounter

..... it gives self-confidence for those embarrassments I received

..... and it shows your unconditional friendship and Love that brightens my day and illuminates my wishing star.

Yes, that"s now, when God sent you to me

..... to care for me

..... to release me from those aches and pains

..... to be with me in world's ups and downs

..... and most especially, to LOVE me for what I am

It's True...It's God's way of having both of us to be with each other's arms...

An unexplainable event that happened to me that makes laughter more meaningful and bright......


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