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A Powerful Mind

Updated on March 10, 2010

A Strong mind is a must have

It has been written that we can do anything that we set our "mind" to........and yes I whole heartedly long as our mind knows its bodys limitations and also our mind understands its own set of limitations! There is a balance of the two.....and within that well formatted balance we can achieve what we need to survive, maybe a frill here and there as well!

My mind is the strongest part of me that I own.......yet my body and all the nasty aspect of this illness....keeps me from achieving my out of home I am very lucky to be able to go out at all. The temp has to be just so and the allergens in the air have to be low.....then if i venture out to a building, the one I seek out has to have great air quality.....which it appears not many establishments have the same standard of quality that I must have!

So In my set determination that I will not be depressed or angry at my situation...I started a site and have started writing on a few other sites! I do readings for people via internet and phone and I am told I am incredibly accurate....... (Smiles to myself and a pat on my back....LOL ) My reading include sometimes sharing a medium experience with their loved one. If very connected to a person they can gain insight from my readings as to many aspects of this gift and their lives as well. It has turned into a therapy for some and others are just I still feel that way too! However this is my story about my mind.......I have found that for others that are trapped into depression and severe anxiety......their mind is weakened and can not easily set forth obtainable goals.....and there is no place safe for them to go ........for the mind is chaotic and frail and not able to find the means to enjoy where they are and with whom they are with! Trying to get medicine adjusted and off to the docs for a new plan...well it is exhausting for me to even think about...but to live like that on a daily, yearly or worse decade is simply sad and for those of us that do not have that life or the burden of trying to find peace within the mind and soul...we should thank God and we should be caring, patient, compassionate with those that have the battle of fighting for a life that could be there....if everything was just right.............not the temp and the air quality..........but they have to rely on man to make the meds and the doctors that are just men (women) and that the combo of pills they prescribe and manufacture will produce the result of a strong mind! I say this much............I don't even know anyone I would rather be.....and good thing....LOL....but I feel strong when I see others win their battles and I feel blessed when I think how very different all things would be for me if I didn't have this steel made mind of mine!

So to end this blog, we all are different in our needs, however without a strong mind and Gods hand in all.......there would be nothing good for one to see, hear.,smell...because we would not even be aware that it was there! So if you know someone that has depression or any mental kind and supportive, offer to lend a hand or ear or both. Use your intellect and intuitiveness to make sure they know you are there, even for just a day or a few hours a week. Let them feel your care......because at the the end of they day.....we all need someone that we trust and fully can count on. We all should strive to be a blessing somedays instead of just saying one!


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    • Momma Mia profile imageAUTHOR

      Momma Mia 

      7 years ago from North Carolina


      Thank you for your kind words and thoughts today. I will check you out... and Nice to meet you too.



    • blondey profile image

      Blondey Hubpages 

      7 years ago

      My dear Momma Mia,

      a very positive hub from a positive woman despite you physical conditions as you say.

      I have a chemical imbalance, and my other acct is schoolgirlforreal.

      It's nice to meet you!!!

      I am grateful for Hubpages too...


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