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A Quick Study of Fools

Updated on May 9, 2019
kenneth avery profile image

I was born in the south. I live in the south and will die in the south. This is only a small part of the memories I share.


Just in Case That You Missed

the class in high school or college which dealt with “fools,” do not fret. You can this piece and hopefully gain a bit of wisdom mixed with compassion about what (a) fool really is, and what a fool is not. But be aware that I am NOT a licensed therapist or clinical psychiatrist, so do not take my thoughts as being sound medicine.

Over the course of my life, I have often heard, “Kenny, you fool!,” “Fool! Can you not do anything right?” and this one: “If you had a dollar for your mistakes, you would be a rich fool.” Now. How would you like to hear phrases such as this---but in the early 1950s, when I was young, I never did any serious thinking about what these words really meant. I did begin to have this small feeling in my spirit that I named “Resentment,” toward these vicious people who called me a fool, then laughed at me. (I would try to put into the honest words that I felt, but HubPages would flag my hub, and that is not worth the effort).

It’s serious, the naming those around us as a fool. Sure, there are people who are still ignorant about how much damage these tongues can cause due their jesting about fool and foolishness. There is a big difference. But when I was ever called a fool, the person calling me this derogatory term would use anger to go with the insult, that is just wrong I do not care who it is.


I Admit This Confession

that not everyone who “acts a fool,” can be considered a fool. Looks and appearances can be very deceptive. Consider for a moment, the artwork in his hub about a jester dressed in his jester wardrobe equipped with bells on his hat—just what if that (this) person who “looks” like a jester in fact is NOT a jester, but just looking to make a few shekels?

And just because a person causes us to laugh, that cannot be defined as a fool. What makes us the fool is that when comedians start blasting others who cannot help themselves and the crowd goes wild in laughter. Sometimes a person or persons can laugh right along the fool on stage. My point: if a person wants to be successful comedian, that he/she resorts to using the misfortune of others just to get a laugh, this offends me. Not that I am any holier than these comedians, but sometimes a line has to be drawn as to signal enough is enough.

In a few seconds, I will try to share some items about fools and foolishness that you might find valuable . . . .

How to Know for Sure if You are a Fool:

  • When watching super-heros on TV, you think that you can jump off your house and fly.
  • If you see a man and woman having an argument, you take the man’s side.
  • When you see a dog and by all indications, it is mad, do not try to pick it up.
  • The same can be applied if you run into a poisonous snake in the woods.
  • You brag and tell people that if you lay on the railroad tracks, you will be okay.
  • You also brag about you catching a bullet with your bare hands.
  • If you get a job in the circus as a tightrope walker and you insist on not having a net.
  • Breathing under water.
  • Jump wide-open into a pro football game before teams have go off a play.
  • In the same pro football game, you find the coach of one team tell him what a loser he is.
  • You bet people over $5,000.00 that you let a pro baseball pitcher hit you and not flinch.
  • You break into Parris Island, S.C., (USMC Training) and yell “Go Communists!”
  • On an airliner, you announce that you want to jump without a parachute.
  • You move to Los Angeles and tell your friends that you can walk inside a turnpike.
  • Join the circus again, then rub steak on your body, then try to tame the lions and tigers.
  • Tell your wife that you love cheating on her and expect a steak dinner to celebrate.
  • Tell your girlfriend that YOU cheat on her, then propose marriage.

These are only a few signs that you know for sure whether or not if you are a fool. I have used only the edited items—the severely-edited versions.

The Short List of Fool-Related Items

  • I’m a fool about that girl over there.
  • I’m a fool about jumbo shrimp.
  • I hate the boss because he always makes a fool out of me.
  • Oh, that’s foolishness. Just let it slide off your back.
  • There is way too much foolishness in this company.
  • Hey! I see a truckload of fool’s gold.
  • Happy April Fools Day!
  • Even God told a man who stocked-up his goods and built bigger barns, thou fool!
  • The Beatles’ song, “Fool on The Hill.”

I suppose that my lecture is finished. In closing, don’t be a fool and skip this hub.

May 9, 2019__________________________________________

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