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A Response to Jessica Yaniv

Updated on August 7, 2019

Jessica Yaniv, a transgender woman and Editor-In-Chief at TrustedNerd has come under fire for several reasons that I will attempt to address.

Before we begin, I would like to make something clear. I support transgender rights. The government has no right to discriminate based on anything such as race, gender, age, skin color, etc. And even though I believe there is such thing as biological sex, I recognize that gender dysphoria is a complex issue that people have to deal with and that they have the right to identify as whatever they please and the right to get gender reassignment surgery if they can afford it.

She Is Suing a Spa for Not Waxing Her Genitals

Though she claims to be transgender, she did not get the surgery to remove her male genitalia. The owner at the spa did not give her a waxing because she did not feel comfortable waxing male genitals and she did not have the training for it. But Jessica took this as an insult towards her identity and has decided to sue them, telling the A.B.C Human Rights Tribunal that it would set a "dangerous precedent" should they deny her. 1

The problem here is that this seems to not be a case of LGBT discrimination. You wouldn't go to a gynecologist if you didn't have a vagina, would you? There are places designed to cater to certain needs, and the people there are experienced with those certain needs and not other needs. From what I understand there were no negative comments made about Jessica identifying as a woman, and the lawyer favoring the spa has already accused her of “half-truths and fabrications.” 1 Though I believe a business has the political right to refuse service to anyone, that does not mean that I would morally approve of a business that would discriminate against others. But this is not the case.

She Wants to Host a Topless Pool Party for Kids

The most deplorable thing she is doing right now is trying to get a permit to host a topless pool party (she claims she did not host the party and that she planned to attend see the debate between her and Blaire White at the end of this article 21:53) for children 12 and up who identify as LGBT. The party itself was canceled due to community response, but her permit was approved by the Township of Langley Council in British Columbia, Canada. 2 There are several problems with this.

  1. The parents are not allowed to come, making the odds of sexual misconduct even higher. According to the official event page, "For the safety and privacy of youth attending the event, note that parents, guardians, and other adults are not permitted. Parents or guardians are able to drop the youth at the front entrance and Youth Engagement staff that will safely welcome them into the facility to participate in the All-Bodies Swim event." If this was done in the name of coming to terms with your sexuality and your gender in a safe place why wouldn't the parents be there? If they are already going to let their kid come there then their parents are accepting their child for who they are. And if their parents are doing that then it would make them feel safer, further proving that this is not done for the sake of the children. But even if the parents were there I wouldn't think they were completely safe with a bunch of topless kids and an adult whom I have a reason to believe has a history of sexual misconduct, but we will get into that later. Even with staff on hand, I would say this is too risky.
  2. This party was done to apparently help children who are not heterosexual or cisgender. However, the "topless" part is completely unnecessary. Should your child identify as anything, the best thing for a parent to do would be to help their child and teach them how to find their identity and become who they want to be as they grow and learn. I am trying to understand how this could even be excused by any rational person. It seems Jessica is trying to encourage sexual relations and possibly influence the girls to have sex with each other all in the name of expressing yourself. I have a word for that from when I followed Judaism; that's a load of mashugana. And even on the off chance that this is not done for sexual reasons. Children shouldn't be having sex. And I'm not saying children should feel ashamed of their bodies. They should not feel ashamed. But I am convinced that this isn't to help the child. I'm not even too comfortable with nudism in places where there are children, although I do recognize the fact that not every nudist is a child molester and it is to each their own at the end of the day, Hell, growing up I saw some of my friends and relatives around my age naked a few times. But in those contexts, I had no reason to think I was in danger. But this? There are too many red flags.

So whether or not she did in fact host the party, I am not comfortable with topless 12-year-olds girls being in a place where their parents are forbidden to come, especially if I have a reason to think there is a sex offender attending.

The Truth

Jessica has been condemned by both right-wingers, left-wingers, and the LGBT community and some have accused her of pretending to be transgender in order to influence people to come to her side. Whether or not this is true I don't know, but the fact that she is a predator is indisputable. In fact, someone has come out and accused her of sexual exploitation. 20-year-old Jessica Rumpel says that when she was a teenager, Jessica allegedly sent her multiple texts and voice messages complaining about how they cannot have sex due to her age. 3

Now even if this was proven to be a false allegation, the pool party is enough to prove the malicious intents of this supposed activist. It has always been the case that when people try to do good, those who are immoral will always try to use it for their own sick purpose. The LGBT community rejects you, Jessica. And we do not care if you have a permit. Friends if you are able to, do what you can to protest this event should Jessica decide to host another party. We must rise to the occasion should anyone accuse someone of discrimination because it is just as wrong as discrimination, and we must protect our children from people like Jessica Yaniv.


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