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A Shaky Relationship

Updated on March 18, 2014

I still love you even though it hurts!

People are meant to live with someone.

No man is an island. This is a very famous quote that everyone knows. We can choose to live and grow old alone for the rest of our lives but we cannot deny the fact that we need someone in our life whom we can lean on to and share our ideas and joy. Someone who can accompany us shopping for some household stuffs, someone who can sleep beside us at night and someone that will protect us and lift us high.

It is stated in the Bible that man are obliged to marry and multiple. We can consider this as a proof for not living alone. We cannot avoid problems at most times and in a relationship hardships are always present, but being committed brings happiness. People have to be accepted and whenever they feel down, there is a need to be guided by someone and be comforted by our loved one. Most of the times, people can't decide properly and do the right thing, that is why God is sends a partner to help us in times of needs and to direct us the right path.

We have to right to love and be loved. Relationship is a give and take process. What we give must be paid back to us. That will make the relationship work well with no one hurting and for both of the couple to feel satisfied and contented with one another. We don't have to expect something in return but when it comes to love, we must be loved back by our partner. This is not only for the goodness of ones own self but also for the goodness of the couple.

Imagine your life when you grow old and there is no one to accompany you. Living alone may lessen your expenses, it may also lessen your problems in life. But what happens when we are in times of needs? When we are ill? We have to take of ourselves or even ask for other people to take care of us. I am not encouraging everyone to look for their partners in life immediately, I am just sharing the beauty of having someone in life. I do believe in God's will. There are some instances when we keep on looking for our right guy but in the end, we fail. True love appears at the right time and at the right place. And that everything has its purpose. What matters is we show love and is able to learn a lesson.

But is there really a need to have a partner in life? Well, maybe at least try to have yourself committed. It is more easier to live having someone to help us get through against all odds. But as I mentioned earlier, I believe in God's will. If a person is destined to be alone. Then, there is a purpose for that. We can learn everything in life. And we can enjoy our being solo. Just be positive at all times. Then everything will definitely be fine.

And though we both made our mistakes And some we never wish we made But we'll be okay if we just stay together.

Let's fix this. Can we?

But we are not happy any more!

As long as there is love, happiness will be there also. Couples experience misunderstanding regularly that is why partners must communicate frequently too. As possible, never go to sleep without settling first a quarrel. Listen to both sides, it is normal for people to commit mistakes in other words we must understand each other.

Finding your perfect match isn't easy. Both of you have to undergone trials in order to test your love to each other. At times, you'll come up with a realization that your love and time was wasted because you are able to spend most of your time to a wrong guy. But remember to become positive always. Looking into the bright side, the experience has made you even stronger and learned a lesson. From that lesson, you will know what to do next time and that you will be more aware of might happen.

Of course, love is not always happy. There are always problems it can be someone or something. So when you entered the world of love, you must prepare yourself against pain and hurt. How much you love a person is the same level of pain that you will feel when in times of hardships. But again, be positive. You'll realize how much a person loves you that even though you hurt him, he'll still fight for you and will never let you go.

"In the midst of pain, if the person really loves you he'll stick with you and believes in you still."

If both of you loves each other so much! Don't let go. Against all odds, fight for what you feel for one another.

Love means being strong!

He said: "I love you!" But why let go?

As I mentioned earlier, true love is hard to find. Love does fade. It happens when your partner can't handle the pain any more. Or maybe he's not that strong enough to fight for you. True love comes only once in a person's life but will never be gone and will never leave you.

Letting go is hard. Think of those memories that both of you shared with each other. Think of the times when both of you were happy and those times when tears fall down your cheeks. Learn to treasure those happy moments and throw away those sad times. Life itself is an experience. We learn from it.

Don't bother yourself from someone who doesn't even saw your worth. There are many fish in the ocean. Maybe he's not the right guy for you. He's not perfect enough to be your special someone. God has a plan for everybody and greater plan for you. Feel blessed because for at least once in your life you have experience love.

Move on. Be happy. Keep yourself free from bad memories and sad feelings. Don't let pain over come you and swallow you. You deserve to be happy just like any one else. Be strong and stand for yourself. He is not your life and the world is not over yet!

Will I ever find the man/girl of my dreams?

Who broke up with who?

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    • Eiddwen profile image


      4 years ago from Wales

      Interesting well informed and very useful.

      Voted up.



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