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A Valentine Tribute to My Love

Updated on January 25, 2019

9 Reasons to Celebrate My Wife

1. REVEALED BY GOD: She was revealed by the Lord as a partner, a helper, a lover, a comfort and a co-labourer – When I began to pray for God’s choice in the issue of marriage (after the disappointment of being rejected by someone else) I received God’s leading, telling me she is my wife.

2. REWARDED FOR HAVING FOUND HER: Ever since I popped the question and she affirmatively answered, my life has been one favour after the other from the Almighty. Even when the situation is difficult, the Lord always finds a way for me and I believe she is primarily the reason. God’s gifts come with all their “trimmings” intact.

3. EXCELLENT COOK: In this regard, I can only say if you are married, a trial will confuse you as regards your wife’s cooking (don't take my word for it but do not say I did not warn you); but if you are not married, a trial will convince you to head for the nearest “Talita”(woman) and propose.

I salivate each time I close work for the day. She piques my curiousity as to the next wonder to gently caress my salivating palate.

4. RESOURCEFULNESS: She takes nothing and makes something good out of it. There may be no food in the morning but by evening, her hands have performed wonders using ordinary materials to create extra-ordinary flavours.

5. SPIRITUAL: It gives me a big kick of adrenalin just knowing that the moment I start making a mess of the ministry, someone is by my side ready to tell me in clear terms what heaven would do to me if I fail! She brings God into everything we do, just name it.

6. BLUNTLY DIRECT: My darling NEVER minces words. She tells you as it is in her heart irrespective of how you feel about. She may apologise later but the truth has been told in all its directness.

7. HUNGRY: She is always eager to learn new things and hungry to pursue knowledge. She left her past behind when she got married and has refused to look back ever since. She has made her plans to improve in all aspects of her life and to catch up with whatever passed her by earlier in life.

8. NEATNESS: When you want to know if a lady is clean, look in three places – her kitchen, her bathroom and her bedroom. If they are clean, she is a clean person. She is meticulously clean and fervently consistent in her hygiene. She makes me to aspire to greater neatness.

9. LAUGHTER: She brings laughter into a room. When she smiles, her eyes become tiny and I fall in love all over again (I’m covered with the bruises of all these falls because she NEVER stops smiling).

My Bertha has really made me better. She is an epitome of love and understanding and wise counsel is her forte. She turns her household into a brand name in a short time. She is not afraid of challenges because they are the oil with which favour is eaten.

Sweetheart, for these nine (9) reasons, I pledge my love to you afresh. You have made me a better man, a better husband, a better minister, a better servant of God, a success story about to be revealed.

Thank you for being my VALENTINE all these years in faithfulness and honour. Thank you for raising my self esteem each time you call me “MY LORD”.

I am grateful. Thank you.


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