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Virgo Woman Astrological Compatibilty (1)

Updated on May 26, 2017


Virgos are great at analyzing. They already figured you out in first 10 minutes of meeting. Not much gets past a Virgo. So be sure how to impress her and make her fall for you.


At first sight, there doesn’t seem to be much star sign compatibility between Virgo and Aries. The two signs are very different in almost every way of life and living, but a relationship between them can actually work surprisingly good. In astrology, Virgo and Aries compatibility seems to be possible

It could be because these two signs are completely different from one another; they might find it intriguing to discover each other.. The relationship is likely to take a while to begin to simmer, because initially its going to be modest because a Virgo doesn't seem to involve into others so quickly. However, Aries is attracted to the enigma and mystery that is Virgo, and Aries can be extremely persistent and persuasive – and so, eventually, love blossoms.


If you are a Taurus guy, than obviously you are more realistic, stable and stronger than others. You know exactly what you need to do to take care of your lover. In professional life, you know how to be successful and have the strength to overcome barriers. You are often said to be the man of action and just not words. You're such a nice guy!

In love, Taurus brings protection, romance and loyalty for the female Virgo. About Virgo, she’s smart, sincere and sensitive. She will always help you out finding solutions to your problems, specially for Taurus. She even supports him in making perfect decisions. Her balance between wisdom and emotion really impresses Taurus.

These two people are practical but enough to bound together as well as make up for each other. The Virgo woman can be annoyed by unpredictable sentiments, but Taurus knows how to make her feel safe. Likewise, Virgo’s alertness will be the key to troubles of Taurus. In addition, a little humor of Taurus makes Virgo relaxed because Virgo loves funny guys, while her calm makes Taurus comfortable as Taurus is more of a relaxed person.


Virgo woman and Gemini man! Well, I must say sometimes the relationship of earth and air is the most powerful one, but it's not always a good one.

A Virgo is stable, sensitive and down to earth while a Gemini is flighty and carefree. A Gemini can be easily impressed by a Virgo; her looks, her personality, her ways. But it's not the same in case of Gemini. There's one thing for sure, once there starts a conversation between them, it will be a great one. Virgo woman admires his quest for truth and knowledge. If the Virgo woman and Gemini man are attracted to each other, he will stay around long enough for her to decide to take things to the next level. This will also be dragged into bed; as Gemini is more like a spiritual lover and Virgo likes a sensual experience.

The Gemini man can appreciate her attention to detail if it enhances one of their shared experiences, and he will take her places she never dreamed she would go. He can help her to make quicker decisions, and the Virgo woman can teach him the value of analytical thinking.


There is a lot of respect between these two zodiac signs. Cancer and Virgo are quite compatible and they tend to strike the right cords when they start understanding the deeper meaning of love and start avoiding things that would hurt the other person. Understanding and tolerance can help the Virgo to see love within the Cancer and Cancer gets stimulated by the gentle ways of his Virgo to become more open and expressive. Together they can build a very safe environment for each other.

The Cancer man and Virgo woman makes a great pair as they both have many things in common. Moreover the way he can make a Virgo woman passionate and the way she makes Cancer man expressive is usually not possible for others to do for them. Their mutual respect and admiration plays a favorable role in their relationship but irritability and moodiness of Cancer man is not tolerable by her for a long time and similarly criticism and crankiness hurts the sensitive heart of him very deeply. But even if they end up parting ways, then also they are most likely to remain friends throughout their lives. And there will be times when they will cross paths, in the most unexpected situations.


It is hard to imagine a more perfect combination than Leo man and Virgo woman — if Virgo goes for it at all. Virgos are the quintessential bachelorettes. They always seem to have a bottle of purified water in one hand and a fly-free zone around their personal space. Well, if anyone can make serious inroads into their virgin territory it’s the King of Beasts. He’s irresistible and intrigued because she doesn’t fall over like a fainting goat when he roars. Yet she doesn’t directly challenge him either. Her apparent indifference is his call to action. Her integrity is a plus, too. Contrary to his reputation as a sucker for flattery, the Lion King knows a sycophant and will only turn tummy up and purr for a sincere compliment of a true and accurate virtue or quality. He sees in this discriminating Princess a perfect subject for the Royal Kingdom.

As a Leo Man you’ll have to roar pretty loud to get A Virgo attention off her grocery list or her mind out of the clouds. She’s always straightening something out in her lovely head which is surrounded by softly coiffed locks that smell like fresh lavender! The Virgo woman is an outrageous flirt and though not the showiest flower in the garden she probably gets pollinated the most. Stay away from hype. Try to say what you mean and follow through. If you slip up a few times, a simple apology will suffice. This rambling rose likes to K.I.S.S.


The Virgo zodiac sign is a very intelligent person and will look at the world through analytical eyes. The Virgo Man Virgo Woman in love will have plenty to talk about as they both are interested in the same things and can contemplate the world on a different level than most people.

The Virgo man Virgo woman friendship would have begin probably when one of them heard the other say something interesting and the night was then spent in conversation.

These two Virgos will have to watch what they say around other people because what might be an observation to them might be considered harsh gossip to others.

A Virgo Man Virgo Woman pairing is most successful when they go into business together. Whatever they pursue together in the work field is bound to succeed from their determination, ability to see the small details in everything, and their faithfulness to each other.


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    • Maryam Rehman profile image

      Maryam Rehman 9 months ago from Pakistan

      Yeah You said it right!

      BTW..I am a Virgo..

    • Jay C OBrien profile image

      Jay C OBrien 9 months ago from Houston, TX USA

      Well written, but let us not categorize people based on their dates of birth. Judge each person individually or do not judge at all. By the way, I am a Leo.

    • Maryam Rehman profile image

      Maryam Rehman 9 months ago from Pakistan

      Thank You billybuc for such a nice suggestion :) I will surely act upon it. I am new here and it is a pleasure to recieve a suggestion from a greeat writer like you!!

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 9 months ago from Olympia, WA

      Just a suggestion....stretch your articles out a least 1,000 makes Google happy and ultimately makes you happy as well.

      Thanks for the follow....I hope you become a regular and comment often. This is a great community for those who are active in it.