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The Heart of a woman

Updated on May 11, 2014

The heart of a woman

The size of her heart is like a clenched fist

Yet so soft and peaceful

It can’t be used for war

The strength in her heart is unimaginable

When it comes to loving and protecting a dear one

Yet so weak and free to hold any grudges

The scar in her heart is so deep for she loves deeply

Yet her heart is so strong

For the scar is the source of her inspiration to love stronger

Her heart speaks loudly

Yet only a loving heart can hear her

For the voice of her heart is a heavenly melody

Her heart has known sorrow and joy

Yet she choose to water the later

For the former can’t grow in her soil

The tears of her heart flows like fountain

Yet it quenches thirst

The thirst of those who seek to taste true love

The path in her heart is narrow

For narrow is the road that leads to life

Yet few find it

Her heart made mistakes

Her heart is not perfect for she made the wrong choices

Yet she learnt

For her heart came out to beat stronger than ever

Oh Men!

Thread gently on her heart

To behold the beauty of the stars

And learn the secrets of true love

Oh Men!

Thread gently

For the fabrics of her heart

Are made of the purest gold

Oh Men!

Thread gently but firmly

For her heart is an elixir of life

That has immortalized many mortals

Oh Men!

Treat her like a sister

And you shall know the wonders of a lovely family

Make her yours

And you shall forever defy the theory that all men are promiscuous

Oh Men!

Her kindness and love shall strengthen you

And you shall not fall into temptation

Oh men!

Women are precious

Women are the Mothers of the Earth

And a Woman’s heart is the source of hope and strength

In time of adversities

Oh men!

God and a Woman’s heart is what the world needs

Her heart is what the world needs

Because she has the heart of a woman

A good woman

Oh Men!

Treasure the heart of a woman

And you shall restore the hope of the world

For the world is now afraid to love

A woman's heart
A woman's heart | Source
The prayer of a Saint. The prayer of a real woman.
The prayer of a Saint. The prayer of a real woman.


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