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A Guide to Understanding Mens Minds

Updated on March 2, 2013

A Mans Mind

Men and women of the human variety although somewhat similar to each other are very different creatures and as we share the same living space it is important to try to understand how each of the sexes work.

Women as discussed in an earlier article, A Mans Guide to Understanding Women, are very complicated, trying to understand everything about them would be an impossible task but the more we males can learn about the basics of understanding what makes a woman tick, the easier it becomes for everyone to get along.

Comparing a males mind to that of a women would be like trying to compare an apple and a clock, there are just too many differences to list, males are a simple creatures and are at their most happiest when they are playing or watching sports, looking at beautiful women, eating, drinking, watching TV and of course when having sex everything else in the world can go away, there is nothing on Gods earth that even comes close to the pleasure a man feels when he is "On the job".

If you wanted to kill your man and leave no evidence of your deed then just supply him with everything listed above at the same time, he would die of a pleasure overload.

Wedding Vows

Traditional Roles

Traditionally the male was considered the main breadwinner, they went out to work whilst the females remained at home taking care of the family and the home, and the man was considered to be the head of the household. This was even part of the traditional marriage ceremony where a wife would vow to obey their husband.

Today things are slowly changing, women and men both now share the role of breadwinner as more and more women go out into the workplace, men now help out around the home more and they now spend more time with their children. The wedding vow to obey is now almost non-existent unless the couple being wed specifically request it as a part of the ceremony.

Although the man is still considered to be the head of the household, the roles of both men and women are becoming more and more equal and the modern marriage is considered to be a partnership where both partners share the same responsibilities.


It was their wedding night and the groom turned to his new wife and said put my trousers on, so the blushing bride agreed and quickly put them on, at this point she asked, "Why do you want me to wear your trousers?"

The groom replied "Well my darling this is a symbol to let you know that this is the last time that you will wear the trousers in our relationship"

The bride then said to her new husband " My darling will you please take off your boxer shorts and put on my panties?"

The groom hastily put them on thinking of the fun ahead and asked his wife" Why do you want me to wear your panties?"

she replied" until your sexist attitude changes, this is the last time you will ever get into them".

The difference between men and women

The Truth About Men

Lets cut to the chase ladies the reason you came to this page was to try and find out what makes your man tick the answer is simple, as a matter of fact if you are already in a relationship, you already know the answer, food and sex.

I cannot remember who this quote is from but it is true of most men.

"When a man sees someone for the first time at first glance he is subconsciously thinking to himself, Can I beat it in a fight? Can I eat it? Can I have sex with it?"

sex and food to a man makes the world go round it's as simple as that.


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    • 2patricias profile image

      2patricias 9 years ago from Sussex by the Sea

      We've both been married for so long that I think we had figured out most of it for ourselves! Thanks for keeping us laughing.

    • funride profile image

      Ricardo Nunes 9 years ago from Portugal

      LOL, great hub. But I don´t know what are you talking about. I must be the exception that confirms the rule *whistling* :D

    • stephhicks68 profile image

      Stephanie Hicks 9 years ago from Bend, Oregon

      LOL - this is so great! I'm going to email to my husband, just for laughs. :-) Steph

    • jimmythejock profile image

      James Paterson 9 years ago from Scotland

      oops! i just remembered to add comments capsule, sorry guys lol.....jimmy