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A battle for the brokenhearted: Why some people are afraid of falling in love again.

Updated on April 4, 2013

The battle faced by those that have been brokenhearted is that of falling in love again. Therefore, heart break is one thing that has made it difficult for some people to fall in love again. The question is why are some people afraid of falling in love again after a heart break?

Some of them claim that they are afraid to trust again while some claim that they don’t want to experience such pain again, the pain of a broken heart. Why people may have different reasons for being afraid of falling in love again, the best reason seems to be that of trusting again. This is because the pain of a broken heart is associated with betrayal of trust. Yes, trust is one of the recipes of building a true love. Trust is so important that it is needed for marriages and other relationship to exist. Without trust, there may be fear, and with fear some people cannot love. Trust may be lost when a heart is broken by a loved and trusted person. That is why victims of a broken heart may find it difficult to love and trust again.

Another question will be if it is right for them not to love again just because of their experience? The answer to this question many vary but we know that some of them do move on to love over and over again. Everything happen for a reason and it is possible that the person that cause the heart break never deserved your love in the first place and you will end up denying those that truly deserve your love the opportunity of being loved while at same time you deny yourself the chance of finding a true love, maybe for the first time.

It is always difficult to move on after a heart break especially when it came as a surprise because it was caused by someone that was trusted and loved so dearly so the pain becomes inexcusable. Of a truth, it hurts more to be hurt by a loved one. That is why someone penned it down this way, “Do you know what it means to be betrayed by the one you loved most, the one you trusted above all others? Do you know the pains of watching him change, of seeing him move away from you?” The fact still remains that while the victim of a broken heart may be afraid to love again, the person that caused the heartbreak may find another love and continue to enjoy relationships.

Pain, in a relationship, may be inevitable but what defines a strong love is its ability to over such pains then learn never to stop loving for love is, said to be, the greatest of all commandment. Even God, himself, is love. That is why some people said, it will be wrong for us to allow others to take away our peace while others say that only us can make our self happy by refusing to get angry or be unhappy.

Whatever may be the case those with inexorable love say know that even though their heart be broken yet every piece of that broken heart will continue to love because love is necessary for our happiness.


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