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Smart People Use the Law of Attraction for That Great Relationship

Updated on October 8, 2018
Universal Laws profile image

Linda has been a Holistic Life Coach for 35 years seeing clients on a 1to1 basis and workshops.

How to attract the person you really want.....

Using the Law of Attraction in your relationships .....

This week definately had a relationship theme about it. These were female clients repeating the same relationship patterns. In particular not having a loving relationship with a male who wanted to be in a full time loving relationship with them!

In order to have a relationship you need to know what you want and the sort of person who is likely to want to share this with you. Sounds commonsense doesn' it but most people accept a relationship of chance more than intent. Chance could be the person who falls into their lap figuritvely of course. Meaning the person who happens to be in their vicinity and is up for it!

Another chance situation would be to accept the offers of who ever is attracted to you because 'not many people are likely to want you so you had better have a go'. Or maybe just someone you know and they don't have a partner either so better the devil you know.

Not very exciting is it and certainly not the way to go if you want an extraoridinary, high level, intimate relationship with a person who is right for you. Using the Law of Attraction first you will need to be honest with yourself and ask "what qualities do you want from the person you wish to have a relationship with?" Remember with the Law of Attraction you will need to be vibrating and resonating with those qualities yourself! So the next exercise below is really good for taking a look at whether you come up to spec too!

Law of Attraction Affirmation

My advice this week to my clients was to begin your personal relationship Law of Attraction Affirmation. Start with the statement I ........ (name) choose to be with a man/woman who is ....... and then start with what you already know you would want. This is easy to begin with because you know the relationships you have had that have failed so if you always fall for someone who is married or has an ex still on the scene etc. then your first word has got to be "available" .

If you are someone who always ends up being mother to some overgrown schoolboy or some helpless woman then "mature" and "emotionally mature" need to be on your list. This exercise can be really fun and really informative because you do really know what you want but this needs digging out from the inner depths so that you dont just repeat the patterns of your shadow self.

Some of the ones I see clients missing off their lists over and over are the ones they, in particular, most need to include. This is because our patterns are ingrained and we can be blind to them so when you have a good list going and are reading this at least three times a day to remind yourself and getting it imbedded in your energy field, give the list to a friend that knows you really well and ask if their is something obvious for you that you have missed out.

Dont forget things like "Adventurous" "fun loving" "spontaneous" . An intimate partner in your life should be stretching you and helping you to grow so make sure your attributes are not all about giving you safety although that maybe one attribute that you would like to include.

Financial Intelligence

"Financially intelligent" is a must, its not about attracting someone with money but you would certainly want someone who can handle money and is intelligent with it. But if you really want "rich" then put it in your list because you may need to live this one out.

Get into openness with the sexual side too, if you are wanting to be very sexually active and experimental then include this on your list for sure.

Whilst you are using this affirmation if you attract someone you connect with who has attributes that you dont like then make sure you have the positive of these in your list before its too late. The love connection energies can be very hypnotic and we dont want you 'falling in love' this time we want you to be 'rising up to love' which means you need to remain awake and aware and conscious of what your inner self really wants.

As you read your list everyday you are empowering the thoughts - the intent and attracting your intimate partner to you so be really truthful. No more compromise. Attract the real thing for you, you deserve it. Also as you read these qualities ask yourself whether you are embodying them yourself in your life right now. If you choose to be with someone who is kind and caring but have a 'dont care less attitude' yourself in your everyday life this kind and caring person will not resonate with you unless they are playing from their victim stance of 'I care but nobody cares about me'. Its not that complicated just use the Law of Attraction techniques for your relationship remembering its not what you say you want, its what vibration your inner is resonating with that attracts.. Someone who operates from poverty consciousness in their everyday life but wants to have more money is going to find it hard to attract it. This is exactly the same with relationships.

So, Happy loving, living, giving and growing

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    • myawn profile image


      10 years ago from Florida

      Good hub makes a lot of sense I haven't had much luck in a relationship Thanks!

    • Universal Laws profile imageAUTHOR

      Linda Joslin 

      11 years ago from UNIVERSE

      Of course you can! Like right now! Affirmation - I am living in abundance with a great intimate relationship. You are the songwriter, write the song!!! Visualise it everyday. This isnt something to repeat parrot fashion but something to say and feel the energy rise and your vibration resonate with. Then dance around the room!!!


    • Bard of Ely profile image

      Steve Andrews 

      11 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

      I was just reading your hub and this para was what grabbed me on two counts because I am used to being poor - "operating from poverty consciousness" - and used to being without any partner and this has been the way it has been for most of my life:

      "Someone who operates from poverty consciousness in their everyday life but wants to have more money is going to find it hard to attract it. This is exactly the same with relationships."

      So I was thinking this probably explains why I have my doubts about the LOA because not really expecting money I get none and not expecting a relationship I also get none and then I say it may work for others but not me.

      I have also definitely done this when much younger: "Another chance situation would be to accept the offers of who ever is attracted to you because 'not many people are likely to want you so you had better have a go'."

      Thank you, Linda, for this really excellent hub in which I have been able to spot somethings I think have held me back!

      But now I wonder if I can stop operating like this?

    • Universal Laws profile imageAUTHOR

      Linda Joslin 

      11 years ago from UNIVERSE

      Hi, I feel the knack is to keep working on yourself and getting more and more in tune with your higher self, this affects the people around you through vibration - you dont have to do anything. They either run! or it ignites their own path and their desire to grow - this is something you need to be detached about which is why some people stunt their own growth to keep the status quo. At this point in time it is far more dangerous to keep the status quo. If you feel critical of your partner just use the affirmation " at the perfect point of evolvment for them right now". It helps you to let go and let be and let the energy do the rest.



    • DynamicS profile image

      Sandria Green-Stewart 

      11 years ago from Toronto, Canada

      Universal Laws, thanks for sharing such insightful thoughts. I am truely moved by what you have said. A very close friend is struggling with relationship issues, like most of us. She seems to have a knack of attracting the type of men who lack commitment. I have forwarded your hub to her.

      My question is What are some tips to get an existing partner on the same spiritual plane without being overbearing?



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